Apple Crumble

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I live in India now but I've spent enough time in various countries around the world to develop a taste and love for international cuisine.  It's all chuckles and giggles and great for making conversation at parties but horrible when you're stuck with a relentless craving for something which is what happened to me the other week. I woke up with this gnawing, yes gnawing - it was that bad- for some apple crumble that we get in good ol' America. The one they bring out on the huge glass bowl with cinnamony gooey piping hot soft apples pieces cooked to perfection coated with crunchy pecans and oats. Throw all of that under some vanilla bean Haagen - Daaz ice cream and helloo the big O. Sorry honey.  
I sat on the craving for about half a day when i couldn't take it anymore. I just had to have it.And no I'm not pregnant which would have been perfect to justify the madness and lack of control, but I'm not. Kinda wish i was just so that i  can blame my eating on someone else for a few months. #joking #notreally 
Anyway, my husband came home from running errands and I promptly grabbed his collar and pulled him out the door for some apple crumble lovin'.  We called Ray (Hi Ray!) on the way and made her meet us at Hard Rock. She knows me so well, the only thing she asked was, ' Do I have time to change out of my jammies?'  Long story short, the crumble was gross. Didn't satisfy any part of the craving. We left after a few renditions of the work staff doing 'YMCA' because I couldn't handle the abuse to my conscience. Why does everyone attack you when you're so weak?! #dramaqueen 
*cue motivational music
I decided I would not let this failure stop me on my journey. I googled apple crumble, found a recipe, went shopping and.. dum dum dum... made aaaaapple crumble.  And it was good! Finger- licking good!
You guys better be clapping. 
I followed the recipe to the T, except for toasting more pecans and adding way more in. I also threw in a handful of rolled oats in the crumble. 
                                                                 The  RECIPE.

* I ate the crumble too quickly to take a picture for you guys.  # sorrynotsorry 
  To entice you,  I pulled the above picture off the site i got the recipe. HEE HEE.    


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