Book Review : The House That BJ Built

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Rating: 4/ 5

The House That BJ Built is a sequel to another book by Mrs. Anuja Chauhan, Those Pricey Thakur Girls. As a whole, I really like the author’s writing style. There aren’t too many Indian writers that can do romance comedy well, and in my opinion Ms. Chauhan does a pretty good job with it.
I read a lot of romance, enough that my grandfather (who has become a voracious reader since his retirement) pulled me aside once and told me to stop reading so much crap.( #soembarrasing) Did I stop? Nope. I can’t help it though, I love reading and I love romance. Why wouldn’t I combine the two and kill two birds with one stone? Put it all into a historical setting and my family knows to back off and leave me alone until I emerge from my enchantment. Seriously. It’s that bad.
The downside to reading so much romance is that now I can’t tolerate a badly written romance novel. I picked up a Mills and Boons the other day but couldn’t even make it past the fourth chapter without having to take a break. There is a certain finesse that comes with writing a novel, any novel, let alone a romance novel. A lot of people dismiss romance writing and the authors, but I honestly believe writing a love story is much harder than writing non fiction on any other subject. That’s an entirely different story though.
Coming back to the book.
It picks up where the first one (which I have also read btw) leaves off and continues to take the story forward, centering the novel around the great grand-daughter of the patriarch of the family. From her, Bonu, the story spirals in and out, pulling characters into the storyline when and where they are necessary. It’s well written – I found myself laughing during a scene, well planned, the pace is just perfect, not too slow but not too fast, and the characters come to live pretty well. A few of the characters remain a little flat, 2 dimensional if you will, but not enough that it ruins the book.
I wouldn’t call it a romance novel true to form although the underlying story is that of romance. There are other plots and stories interwoven into the main story arc making the novel interesting and thoroughly enjoyable.
It’s not going to win any Pulitzers sadly, but it's definitely a fun good read for anyone who’s looking for one.