'My name is Ka and I can be a Ki too': Ki & Ka Movie Review

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This review is rated M for ‘Maaloom hai’ {It's got spoilers yo!}  

Deep movie announcer voice: In a world, where a girl, who shares her name with a car brand, and apparently has everything in her life to do with product placements,... meets a boy, whose primary conversation involves making puns out of their Ki-Ka names, which somehow becomes everyday terminology over the span of one obscure TV interview.

While Ki spends an entire song’s worth of slow motion movements to repeatedly chest punch Ka and shaking her head in answer to nothing really, a rarely smiling Ka introduces the hidden intermissions between acts (including the actual intermission) by holding up his hands and loudly yelling into a close-up shot, “Dhan dhan DHAN”

Here’s a movie that is aimed to contradict gender roles by celebrating stereotypes such as: all homemakers have kitty parties and must have chef-style food ready for their family at all times, and breadwinners shouldn’t lift a finger to do chores around the house or have hobbies.

A film so unique that it’ll shatter stereotypes (not really) and make you acknowledge that “women love Scotch too” and “seeing a man cry is a gift to a woman” apparently, and dispel other assumptions like, “there are no populace-free public spots in India to make out!”


Courtesy: Times of India
A movie filled with so many logical paradoxes, you will be left wondering deep thoughts such as, “Wait, did she just leave her just-conscious mother alone in a hospital to catch a flight, no less, mere hours after screaming down the stairs at her husband for doing exactly that?” 

And, “when did Jaya Bachchan have the time to write that climactic note to Ki in which Ka talked so much about Ki? Like, seriously, what’s the timeline there?”

Including, “how does a supermarket execute an overly ambitious marketing ploy to sell a specific brand of oil at 50% discount just to their male customers?”

But more importantly, “Can someone really get all my flight details just by calling the airport with a name?” 

And finally, “how does he travel back and forth on his hoverboard all around Delhi without witnessing any traffic?!”

A cinematic experience that’s rife with character development and hard-hitting moments like, ‘that scene where she ruins her best friend’s wedding’, ‘the other scene where Kabir goes to his Dad Bansal’s house to get some bulbs(?) from his room’, ‘that fight scene where he unrealistically beats up three hobos hollering from a stationary bus’, ‘that one second when he mentions Chandigarh’, and ‘the other second when Kia remembers Chandigarh with no other explanation about Chandigarh’ and not to forget ‘many many scenes where food and beverages go chugging atop very expensive model trains out the kitchen, around the living room, behind the TV, and into the bedroom with no threat of roaches or of wasting electricity’.

If only we all lived inside this interior decorator's wet dream!

A film so self-aware that it finally summarizes it all in a single line of dialogue by Ki’s mother dismissing the entire premise of the movie by saying that it was "less about gender equality and more about…well… money".

And, character backstories that are so evolved that it’ll make you wonder why they never bothered giving Kia a last name… even on her Facebook account!

Despite the obvious clickbaiting technology of overdone comedic scenes and confusingly angled shots, ‘Ki & Ka’ manages to suck the viewer into their fictional and fantastical universe without disrupting the key running theme which is essentially that it follows the life of a married couple in India.

This is why my score is in the only way there is to rate: EMOJIS!

I give this kiss-friendly, train-happy, DJ wire-pulling, arm-flapping, “chaddi”-checking, 2-hour long film,
3 “aaaeeee’s”
and 4 “Say whaaaaa’s”
So, hmmmm… that should be an average of what, 3 out of 5  

P.S. If you noticed the somewhat obvious clues of where the story would go should there be a sequel, drop them in the comments below and let’s see how many of them you caught.    

Movie: Ki & Ka 
Actor: Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Swaroop Sampat, Rajit Kapur, Amitabh Bachchan (cameo), Jaya Bachchan (cameo) 
Director: R. Balki

Out, Peace!



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