Through The Looking Glass: Macro Lessons from Micro Things

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Underwater Ink Photograph by Alberto Seveso 

There's something to be said for observing the minute and applying that to the macro in our lives. For allowing it to transcend it's physical limitations and serve a higher purpose. By minute, I could mean anything from an ant carrying a piece of food across the dining room table to the way rain makes those beautiful concentric circles in a puddle of mud. And macro could range anywhere from why can't I eat that piece of chocolate God to do I really need that new lipstick. #obviouslyduh #imnotjudging #thosearerealproblemstoo
 When I need to dial it down, find some beauty that is unseen by the naked eye and put my macro problems into perspective, I turn to art. 
Markus Reugels , Alberto Seveso and Mark Mawson are a few of my very favorite artists that work in turning something as simple as ink and water into beautiful masterpieces. When Mr. Seveso threw glitter into the mix, I was hooked. 

Alberto Seveso 
*If you fall in love with any of the images below, a few of them are available for download to use a desktop backgrounds here . YAY! 

And here is his Ink mixing with Oil Series titled 'Dropping.'  dropping-1 dropping-4 dropping-7 dropping-5
After you see these next images by Markus Reugels, you'll believe me when I say, well actually Rumi said ( the original- not me #ironicmuch)  'You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.' 

More of his work, to blow your mind further:

Saving the best ( in my opinion) for last, preseeeenting Mark Mawson and his underwater ink photos titled 'Aqueous Fluoreau' , it's Holi underwater! How can these images not immediately brighten up your day!  images via this is colossal



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