Movie Review: Kapoor and Sons

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Rating: 4.5/5
I don’t think I’ve cried so much at the movies in recent history as I have while watching this movie, which isn’t a rarity because I’m the sort to cry at a heart touching TV ad or a lovey dovey wedding trailer (yes the obsession is real #josephradhikallurfault), but this kind of sobbing hasn’t arisen lately. While I love love loved the movie and as much as I hate crying, I find it refreshing when art of any form can touch you so deeply to cause such a visceral reaction to your emotions and leave an impression.
My new husband didn’t seem to think so.
At this point in our time together he has of course seen me cry. For my own reasons, for in the movie reasons, for a so cute omg how cute burst into tears reason, but never has he seen sobbing. Let’s face it folks, I’m not a cute sobber. I’m a cute crier (yes I checked so sue me #dontjudge) but sobbing just takes it to another level which is why I’ve carefully kept my sobbing controlled around him until along came Kapoor and Sons. #honeymoonisofficiallyover
I think when we are allowed inside someone’s home as thoroughly and irrevocably as we have been in the movie, we tend to identify with and associate with the characters on a much more intimate level. We become a part of the family that has unwittingly pulled us into their world. If it’s your family that knows all your deep dark secrets, when you find out someone secrets, don’t you become family at some level? When you gain a deeper understanding of the individual. Isn’t that what family is at the core anyway? People who just happen to know you the best? People who know everything?
That’s what I blame for my crying. The movie pulled me in and made me one of their own, their joy became mine and their pain became mine as well. I don’t want to go into the plot of the movie because it will give too much away, when and if you watch it you will understand.
The wonderful plot was placed on the more than capable shoulders of the star cast, all gelling together to create magic. Everyone pulled their weight bringing nuances to the characters on paper and bringing them to life. The music was icing on the already delicious cake.
I would love to watch it again but I don’t think my heart has it in me to live, love and lose all over again.
~ Rumi