Status: Stalking Kelly Hoppen

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This series is to mainly justify my ' obsession and passion' as my husband calls it for particular people. Warning : the Kardashians feature frequently on this list. The most recent subject of my stalking prowess ( seriously the CIA should hire me) is Kelly Hoppen, interior designer extraordinaire. I was on Pinterest (#whoisn't) when I stumbled upon a picture of Ms.Hoppen's work. What stopped me in my tracks is that her design aesthetic is very similar to mine, a neutral palate accentuated by one or two major design features or elements. The showstoppers. Whether it be in the form of furniture and accessories or in the structure of the house itself, she allows that one piece to shine and highlight the rest of its surroundings. Love love love. Which is your favorite?!

*the following images have been taken from various sites on the internet. I do not claim ownership of any of the images.