Status : Stalking Weddings

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image via Epics by Avinash

Anyone who knows me knows that i'm slightly- only slightly- obsesssed with weddings. All kinds of weddings, whether it be Hindu, Christian, Muslim... anything. I love it all. From the decor to the jewelry, the hair and make-up, the outfits, basically everything!
My favorite past time used to be browsing all the wedding sites available online from here to Mars. I called it research, but this was way before I even met the boy I would one day marry. Like waaay before i met him. I'm not going to mention the exact figure, it's embarrassing. Oh what the hell. 5 years. Yup. I basically had everything planned and ready to go. The only thing I needed was the groom. My husband must feel so special right about now. #loveyouhoney
The ultimate favorite of my favourite things about weddings are the videos. I love watching random boys and girls get married. Hmm. That came off wrong. And this post is getting weird. What I'm trying to say, is that it doesn't matter if you know someone or don't, happiness can always be shared and no one turns down a little happiness. And weddings are the pinnacle of happiness. Everyone's happy at a wedding. Everyone.
I basically want you guys to watch what most everyone in south india are watching right now. It's a wedding video. Of a south indian movie stars daughters wedding. Just watch it. And enjoy. And be happy.