The Dear Diary Series: Episode 1 - Misha

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Episode 1: Misha

Dear Diary,

How are you? Haha, always cracks me up. Well, I am okay, I guess. I am excited about this weekend. It'll be nice to meet with everyone. I mean, the usual suspects will still be there, including you-know-who (blush blush), but apparently Ani is going to bring Nafisa. I know, right? Nafisa! That's one drama everyone's been eager to know more about. Frankly, I almost don't wanna go because of her but it'll be too obvious, I suppose. Sigh. Trying to act all above-it-all can sometimes be so stressful.

Can you believe the boys gang is planning to show up as well? Like, the whole gang! IKR! That's another group I'd rather avoid. Each one of them is smart and quite likeable, really, but when they are together, gasp! I always wondered why they called themselves PCG. They used to guard that little secret nugget like it was a password to something. Megha once told me that it was some reverse acronym for MCP. Like, instead of making it a bad term for 'Male Chauvinistic Pig', she thought PCG stood for 'Pigs Care Gang', or something like that. I dunno how she thought that was opposite of being a chauvinist, but whatever. She likes making up stories all the time, so can't tell what's real sometimes.

Oh my god. I almost forgot to tell you (get it? "tell" you?). Okay, so I got off the lift today and saw Pai Thata, from flat 63, looking all fancy in his super-white shirt over super-white pants. A combination only he can pull off. Not to forget polished black shoes and a bulky watch on his wrist. He is so cute! Anyhoo, I was like "What's up, Thata?" I love asking him that. No matter what his expression is just before, he quickly shifts his expression, almost gangsta, and says, (get this!), he says impassively, "Nothing much, beta". Like, I soooo... love that! He must be like 70 years old and he still knows how to hang with the cool kids.

Oho, I got distracted again. Okay, so quickly. He says something about writing to his daughter in the States and that he just finished typing the letter and he's now going to the post office to mail it. I was like, "Dude! Thata, if you can type, why don't you just email her." Then he says, "You know, beta. That's one thing I still have to learn. I don't know how to use that computer yet. I bought my grandkids a laptop and they learned it so quickly." He then went on this random speech about how he is still 'very active' and that most of his peers are bedridden or dead. So sad! Anyway, I immediately volunteered to show him the ropes. Who wouldn't! He's such a salty codger, ya know! He immediately said, "Chalo, beta! Let's do it right away!"

Compared to my mostly solitary living space, their house is abuzz with activity all the time. I've always heard the TV on at their house whenever the door happens to be open for a brief conversation. Today was the first time I got to enter it, and man, it's what some people (yours truly) would call it messy. Sofa cushions strewn around, the coffee table had several overturned glasses of juice (let's hope so) congealed on it, the TV blaring on the default channel (seriously), all the fans on, the sounds of, what I can only guess as, kids jumping on beds, and the faint smell of burnt toast and cough medicine. I guess that's what a real home is like. My always-cleaning mode was about to get activated if I stayed too long.

Thata yelled to noone in particular, why the TV was on and that the electricity bill was through the roof as it is, etc etc. No one responded and I think he knew noone heard it either. He started straightening up while grumbling about the maid and of course, I couldn't let him do that. It was his home and his castle. He needn't be embarrassed or be apologetic about anything, especially to a mere acquaintance like me.

I've only ever been introduced to one of his grandkids and to be honest, don't know how many of them live in that apartment. So, he catches hold of the only grandchild I've met so far who, for some reason, was now just running around the sofas (kids, I tell you). The girl must be around 11 years old and I think her name was Charu. After a brief reprimand, an order, and a loving pat on her back, she was sent off to fetch this only-used-by-younger-generation laptop.

In the meantime, I positioned two chairs at the dining table, which was on the opposite end of the apartment entrance, and cleared out some area on the table for our little session. Can you believe it, Di? Even the dining table wasn't spared! There were toys, a couple of schoolbags, a bag of groceries, letters, and stop!... deep breaths. Okay, I shall stop doing that. It's wrong, Misha. I know I know. It's not that I am judging, you know. Okay, maybe I am being a little judgey. I guess I enjoy cleaning up so much that I wonder why other people don't share the same enthusiasm.

Whoa! I just realized I have been rambling on for a while. So, let me quickly tell you what happened next. Like, it's super funny! So, Charu brings this laptop and Thata and I sit down while I open up the lid and start explaining the email account creation process. In the meantime, Charu was curious enough to grab a seat on the other side of the table, and watch us while playing iwth one of the toys on the table. We were working on the details of the email account when I noticed a large-ish ant crawling out of the keyboard. An ANT! I couldn't help myself and summarily asked her if she ate her meals while using the laptop. Honestly, I wish I had the charm that this young girl had. She just blushingly smiled at me, shrugged her shoulders a little, and turned on a full-blown smile at her granddaddy. I mean, who can chastise that? But today, Pai Thata was having none of it. He started on one of his long-winded speeches about how they cared for things in their days, etc. And then, he finishes scolding her by saying, "No more eating food near the laptop. Ants! {grumble grumble} You know?! This is how your computer gets viruses! Then, who is going to get it fixed again, huh?!" BAAHAHAHAHAH!

I didn't have the heart to correct him. I just bit my lip, finished creating his email account, and rushed through a quick emailing tutorial, so I could go home and have a good belly laugh. Absolutely hilarious!

Hmm... it's getting late. I should get some sleep. Sigh. I don't know what to wear for the party this weekend. Waaaaah! What to do!

Anyhoo, I'll catch you on the flip side.

Ciao bella!


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