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Sorry I’ve been AWOL. In my defense, I got sick. Then I hopped on a plane still sick and hopped off 14 hours later even sicker. Woe unto me. Too tired to even hashtag.
 Not too tired to rant though! Can a girl ever be too tired to rant?! Never!
  #burstofenergy  #weruntheworld
In my cough syrup induced haze, I had several epiphanies in the airport, on the plane, in the duty free store, especially in the duty free store.
I decided to break it down. Here is the breakdown. 
Breaking. It. Down.
   1.  Instead of sleeping, I watched waay too many movies : Sisters, Joy,  The Intern , The Big Short
 ( reviews coming soon #butofcourse)
2 . I listened to the new Coldplay album on repeat for a good 4 hours. Let me explain. On repeat because I was asleep and it was on loop. 4 hours was how lon g the air hostess let me sleep before tapping me away. #annoyed. More on that later. I’m still obsessed with Hymn For A Weekend. It’s golden.
3.     I was feeling sorry for myself because I had to travel sick when I came across a young haggard mother with two kids latched onto her in addition to two diaper bags, a stroller and a carry on. To add insult to my injury, she was clearly sick and so was the screaming crying baby. The toddler seemed fine, health-wise that is, I’m assuming this because he  had enough energy to fling himself to the floor and throw a tantrum. Seriously, I couldn’t even have a pity party anymore looking at the poor woman. My heart went out to her. I never realized how truly hard it is to travel with a kids, let alone when you are sick. It sure did put my silly little sniffle in perspective. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side ya’ll.
4.     There is always that one older looking man with the hot girlfriend/trophy wife. He’s always strutting through the airport, proud to have her on his arm and she’s always catwalking along, eyeing the wares (human and object) as she prances by. I call them the hen and rooster.
5.     There is also always that one enigmatic person walking quickly past, leaving a waft of expensive un-identifiable exotic scent trailing behind their confident shoulders . They always catch the corner of my eye and when I turn, I notice the line of heads also turning in their wake, various sets of eyes widening and lighting up from the sighting of magic dust they clearly sprinkle behind them. Everyone is always dazzled by their presence. I unabashedly watch until they are out of eye sight. I call them the unicorns.
6.     I always always pick the longest line to stand in. The line might have been the quickest before I got there, but rest assured, I have the power to stop it in it’s tracks. #FML
7.     Why does the food that the passenger next to you ordered always look better?
8.     Air Hostesses :  the good, the bad and the ugly.
    The good ones -   the chill ones, they don’t really bother you and always seem to appear just when you need that next cup of mint tea.
    The bad – the annoying  ‘ ma’am can I check your seat belt please, ma’am no luggage allowed near your feet.’ The ones that poke you awake to ask if you want to eat. Granted they mean no harm, but still. Go. Away.
    The ugly – this happened to a co- passenger. She had to use the restroom and both the lavatories were occupied for an unholy amount of time. And no, no one was joining the mile high club – I checked. Anyway, I guess the poor thing really started to feel the pressure because  I overheard her ask the air hostess if she could use the ones in another section of the plane. Check this.
The hostess said, ‘they are pretty strict about keeping the cabins to themselves. I can give you a paper bag.’  #EXCUSEME! How is that even a joke? It’s so wrong on so many levels. I wanted to stand up and ask her how she would like it if someone asked her to pop a squat over a bag? #rude
9.     That moment when your plane lands, you switch on the phone and you tap into your network provider. I don’t get a better sense of homecoming than that single moment. I always feel so excluded when I’m on vacation and everyone in the cabin is connected and typing away and I’m staring at my little ol’ lonely phone. #mynetworkdoesntfollowmeeverywhere
10.  And my absolute favourite part of traveling. The most clichéd part. The arrivals gate. #allhappy #nodrama
What’s your favourite part of travelling?
  To anyone travelling out there soon, happy travelling!


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