Down the Rabbit Hole: Cooking to Coke (the drinking kind, shame on you) to Combustion

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Another week, another 5 hours lost/accounted for in the rabbit hole. This week I blame Gwyneth Paltrow.

It all started when I came across this article on pop sugar about Ms. Paltrows' latest cookbook.

Then I read this article about someone who spent a week cooking from the book.

Man, the author really had it out for poor ol’ Gwynnie. She claims she’s secretly in love with her, but can you really love someone you resent/are kinda green eyed about thaaat much? To me that sounds a little Fatal Attraction.

I was vaguely intrigued / had time to kill so I headed over to the goop website

I’ve read it from time to time and at one point I think I was subscribed to the newsletter but I got over it. She was too together. It annoyed me.

Now that I think about it, I wonder how influenced I was to make that decision by the hate out there for Ms. Paltrow; which probably stems from everyone feeling like me and not wanting to feel like a total hot mess after reading something on her site.

Like how I was suddenly super annoyed by a certain Hathaway for no fault of her own after seeing all those GIF’s of her and reading all the flake over her Oscar dress drama and acceptance speech. #kindafeelbadnow (congrats on the baby!)

Anyway, I digress.

On the goop website, there was this article where GP (the sites moniker for Gwyneth) answers questions that readers sent in for her. One of the questions caught my eye -

How strict do you keep your kids foods, do you find it hard to keep them away from foods such as chips, wheat, etc. I personally feel guilty that I eat super healthy myself (gluten-free, dairy-free, pretty much staying away from all bad sources of food), yet I’m not as strict with that for my children. They want donuts, bagels, etc. and I don’t want to restrict it because I wasn’t that way as a child…any advice? —@westcoasteastcoastgirl

GP: Genuinely it’s a nightmare. All kids want is white sugar, white carbs, and processed foods. I think I take a similar tack to you. I try to have a pretty clean pantry at home, but if we pass a bag of Cheez-Its at the airport, or Apple sees Mexican Coke, it’s all over.

And suddenly another hole opened. WTF is Mexican coke? And how has a kid known about it, let alone crave it when I didn’t even know it existed?! Granted she’s a celebrity and musicians’ daughter and she’s probably a lot more aware than I am on a lot of topics but still, come on now!

My panties were definitely in a twist. So a googling I went.

I now know what Mexican coke is courtesy of this article and this article.

I wasn’t really missing out. If you didn’t/don’t know what it is, don’t worry, you’re not missing out. It’s literally just coke made in Mexico. #LMAO #notreally

In the article, there was mention of a ‘1985 New Coke fiasco’. Say whaaat?!

If you weren't all over that article like white on rice then long story short - How dare the coca-cola company bring out a new product. How dare.

How dare.

After that shock wore off, I ambled down this hole. To the epic embarrassing product failures.

Something morbidly and sadistically funny reading about product failures. I particularly like the vegetable flavoured jello.

POST NOTE – it was the husbands turn to make dinner. We ate the equivalent of vegetable flavoured jello. Hello karma. You’re a bitch.



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