Illuminati Series

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Ray and I both have a love for learning. One of my favorite things about visiting various blogs is when they do the ' links we've been loving lately.' I get so excited that my world is about to be blown wide open when I click on something like " 20 best ways to say hello with your eyes without looking at the person directly''. #ican'teven

We are constantly sending each other links or articles that we find fascinating and want to shove down the others throat ( yes Ray, I'm talking to you. Podcasts are not fun, but I promise I will still pretend to listen. I would also like to take the opportunity to throw out there that watching wedding videos of total strangers on repeat isn't creepy. Or crazy. AT ALL. )

Anyway. We are calling this our Illuminati series. It's basically links we're loving on steroids divided up into super sexy sections so that everything is organized ( ur welcome Ray) and you guys become  'illuminated' #heehee #corny #lovingit with knowledge and cool stuff we've found. #dawnofnewknowledge #promisetostop #cantstopwontstop

*cue amusement park voice

We. Are. The. Curators. Of. The. Cool.

#imdone #relax

Ps- our first post of the series is coming right up!

~Rumi and Ray  


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