Married Mondays

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As of the 27th of this month, I have officially been married for 6 months. My husband and I had been ‘dating’ for about 9 months before that, so according to my calculations  I have been officially in charge of my husbands’ sartorial savviness for 15 months now. Which is well and good because let’s face it, all men need help in that department. Discounting the uber metrosexuals of course. #butofcourse
Not that he needed much help in that department, I like my men looking like men. An order of tall,dark and handsome for me please. I’ve always had crushes on the ultimate lumbersexual males – Abhishek Bachchan, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty, Madhavan and Prabhas from down south… you get the picture. I think I need to show you some pictures to be sure you get the picture. 
I was watching indian movie songs on TV a few days ago, when my ultimate oh my goodness- I’m giggly and starting to blush- movie star crush popped up onto the screen. As I was watching, I couldn’t help but notice that he looked familiar – more so than usual (considering I used to watch and rewatch his movies before I got married- I resist the urge now, I’m a married woman!) #stillgetgiddy #sorrybaby #loveyouprabhas

I can hear your thoughts, don’t you guys dare judge until you watch Bahubali. I don’t care what language. Just watch it, but be warned. I found him first. Let me give you a little teaser.
I was trying to figure out why he looked exceptionally familiar, hoping to find another doppelganger, when my husband walked by.
And it hit me.
Oh My God.
I had turned my husband into a mini Prabhas. Down to the way he groomed his mustache. I felt my eyes widen as my head flip flopped between the screen and my husbands face. Holy Mother of God.
I knew when I first met my husband that they had similarities, both tall, dark and handsome (#IMHO #ipromise #slightlydelusional) but I never actually compared them side by side.
It turns out that I, my dear friends, have been dealing my husband the Freudian slip for quite some time now, coincidentally making him change the shape of his mustache right around the time Bahubali released.
Hee hee hee. #bestgiftever
I quickly changed the channel before he noticed (he catches on quickly when Prabhas comes onto the screen. I get all shy. No joke. It’s kind of embarrassing) and promised myself to let him to whatever he wanted with his beard next time. #yehright
Ps-  I think I should go to the temple and thank the gods or something



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