Status: Stalking Annie Leibovitz

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Stalker Status: Annie Leibovitz
I have an unhealthy obsession with Ms. Leibovitz. But I have a reason for it and it’s pretty damn good. In the words of my mother, ‘she’s the bomb.’ (but say it with an Indian accent - she’s the bhaambh) #loveyoumommy
There are only a few times in life when we truly connect with something and they hit all the right notes in us. Whether it be a book, a picture or painting, a chocolate chip cookie, or an outfit; it’s like the universe aligned itself into that particular piece to make it just right- no - dare I say - perfect. The Holy Grail pieces.
Very rarely does what I see in my minds eye manifest so exactly in the physical dimension, so when it does happen, I hold on for dear life and enjoy as much of it as I can before it disappears. This hasn’t happened with me too many times, but the few times it has I remember vividly. The first time I read a Judith Mcnaught novel- I read all her books within a matter of weeks, the most perfect chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever eaten on a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas- I devoured the whole plate, the time I tried on my favourite dress at Zara on Michigan Avenue in Chicago- I bought a back up because I torn the first one wearing it so much, when my husband bought me my pale pink Valentino Rockstud bag on a trip to Dubai that I had been coveting for years. Sigh.
One of those times was when I came across a picture taken by Ms. Leibovitz. My fingers literally stilled while turning the page as my heart started to race and I felt the biggest goofiest grin spread across my face. It spoke to me. It spoke to my soul. It was undeniably irrevocably true love.
I found myself scrambling to find out who the photographer was and once I got ahold of her name I didn’t emerge from the trance until I had found everything out about her and had seen every single image she had ever taken. And like any true soul stirring matter, my love for her work only increases with age and time. There is nothing I can fault with her work. Her aesthetic, her use of lighting, framing, I could go on, everything is just so damn perfect.
 It’s a talent. A God given talent ya’ll. Her ability to evoke a sense of drama and theatre from mundane settings is pure magic. You either have it or you don’t. And boy does she have it. Thank you God.
There was a little hoopla in the press awhile back, during the Kanye -Kim wedding to be precise. Ms. Leibovitz had already photographed them for the infamous Vogue cover, and I'm assuming they fell in love with her aesthetic like I did. Kanye was upset that Ms. Leibovitz wasn't able to photograph his wedding and everyone laughed at Kanye for throwing a tantrum. For once in my life, I completely agree with you Kanye. If I had the means to get ahold of her and it fell through, I would have probably moved my wedding date around to accommodate her. Or thrown a big fat tantrum like you did. 
Read the article here
 Andrea Bocelli sang during the wedding. Le Sigh. 
*Leibovitz didn't take any of the above pictures except for the Vogue cover. 
Some of her earlier work that made her famous. Or should I say infamous. 
Now onto some of my absolute favorite pieces. 
If you haven't seen these before but are a fan of the show then let me just preface by saying - you are oh so very welcome. 
Disney commissioned Leibovitz to - wait - let me let Wikipedia tell you : 
Since 2007, Disney has been releasing a series of advertisements created by photographer, Annie Leibovitz and featuring celebrities in Disney fairy tale scenes to promote Disney Parks' "Year of a Million Dreams". 
I'm going to stop otherwise i'm going to start swooning soon. I can never get enough of her. 
I hope I have made believers of the Leibovitz magic out of you too.


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