Down the Rabbit Hole: When Worlds Collide

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This is a slightly different version of Down The Rabbit Hole. Remember that feeling we got when we realized  Shonda Rhimes ( the creator of Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, etc ) had characters cross over into other parallel shows and made guest appearances? That whoa - why didn't anyone think of doing this before - mind blown feeling.
Or that feeling you get when two of your separate worlds collide all on their own? So cool! It doesn't happen too often so when it does, I get goose bumps.  I guess my head is up in the cloud - as per usual- and I'm always surprised when people know things that aren't in their sphere of knowledge or reference - if that makes sense. Anyway, you can only imagine my excitement when this happened twice - TWICE-  within a half an hour of each other. I was reading the May issue of Vogue ( I know I know, I'm a month late)

When I came across this picture....

Why it's so cool is because the hubby and I have seen this product on Shark Tank awhile ago... Shark Tank! From American Shark Tank to Indian Vogue!  Watch  the Kickstarter video below.

And read about the product on Shark Tank here ! After I got over that excitement ( I jumped on the hubby until he cried mercy #nomercy ), I kept flipping through when I came upon this!

Now. We need to get one thing clear before we move on. I KNEW ABOUT HIM FIRST. Just like how I have been a major fan of Huda of HudaBeauty fame long before she hit megastardom ( ask anyone in the family, she's known as 'my girl Huda HU!)  and how I  liked Prabhas of Bahubali fame way before anyone thought he was remotely cute.

Mine. ALL MINE. Anyway.  I first heard about Paul on this blog , which I read pretty regularly. Paul was the husband of  Joanna's ( the blogs author)  twin sister. Basically, her brother- in law. So I knew when he got diagnosed, when he passed away, when the book came out, etc. I've followed along consistenly and when he passed away, my heart broke for the family he left behind. When his book got published and started doing well, I felt a thrill of joy for them, happy that such a good man was getting his due recognition.

Paul, his wife and baby daughter

When I saw that Indian Vogue had decided to include him in the article, ' Doctors Without Borders', about Indian doctors who write, to say I was over the moon would be an understatement.

It feels so good when my American world collides with my Indian life. It makes the world feel small and cozy no?

PS- Read this wonderful article Dr. Kalanithi wrote for Stanford Medicine. 



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