Down the Rabbit Hole

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I'm a little confused how I ended up where I ended up when I surfaced from the Rabbit Hole. So if you are scratching your head at the end of this, I don't blame you. To be honest, I still kind of am too.

It started here : as usual, all mind - boggles start with Ms.Paltrow.

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Don't ask how, but then I got here ... I would like a moment of silence for the dress please.

Which took me here. ( you are welcome in advance for this one. I was tempted to keep this my little secret but sisterhood came calling)

From where I backtracked somehow and came here to read all about Ms. Bure's diet in a day.

And since all roads lead to the Kardashians,  I ended up here.  Click through if you want to know what Kim Kardashian did to lose the baby weight.

Now this is where it gets confusing.

I got here somehow which is fine, I mean who doesn't want to know about a 1950's beauty routine, but how did I end up here reading about vision boards?!

Which of course led me to investigate about them. I've always put up pictures that I find inspiring but I've never done it with the explicit focus of vision boarding.

It's pretty cool to see that most celebrities do the vision board thing! Jump on the band wagon ya'll!

If Steve Harvey does it - sign me up!

And Oprah!

Maybe I really will make one! I wanna be Oprah! Even if it's just for her houses!

Like this one in Colorado.

How about this one

No? Bored? Maybe this one in Hawaii will do the trick.

Or you could check this one out that she just bought in February that has a damn Koi pond too. 

Sigh. To be Oprah.