Hotel Review: Taj Vivanta Malabar Cochin

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Rating: 2.5/5
The hubby and I got away for a quick trip this past weekend. Well, quick is an over-statement. We logged a total of 16 hours travelling -  5 hours on planes, 6 hours in cars, an hour in shuttle buses and 4 hours in the airport to get to and fro our chosen weekend getaway where we stayed for exactly 12 hours before having to head back.
Word of advice girls, be very specific when you tell your significant other you like something.  I had once said I love travelling so the hubby thought I meant any type of travelling. #someoneteachthatboy #browniepointsfortryingthough
The hotel was a sight for sore eyes when it finally came into view after siting through 2 hours of Cochin traffic.  I wanted nothing else but to throw myself onto the bed in our corner room overlooking the Cochin harbor and courtyard. We were given a yummy lychee and rose drink when we arrived and while the hubby checked us in I roamed around the Chettinad style wood and brass lobby taking pictures and enjoying the view of the water.
We were taken up to our room, which was nice but to be honest, I was expecting a little more for a 5-star hotel. The room was airy, hardwood floors polished, the bed covered in crisp white linen and the bathroom stocked with amenities, but it felt like everything was a little dated. When I think of luxury I tend to associate it with space, and if we were to judge by the room size we would be disappointed, not small by any means but not as spacious as I would have liked; especially the bathroom.
I had heard and read a lot about the ‘award winning' restaurant on the hotel premises ‘The Rice Boat’, (my husband won't stop calling it the rice bowl #men) so we went there for lunch. Shaped like a boat and overlooking the harbor, the traditional kerala style decorations really made me feel like I was sitting in a houseboat.  I guess I went in with too high expectations regarding the cuisine though, because while it was good, maybe even great, it just didn’t hit all the right notes with me. We had the masala calamari and meen roast for starters and meen moilee with Appam and Malabar paratha for the main. Decent, but that’s about it.
When we got back to the room, the sky was overcast and a cool breeze was stirring the coconut tree fronds outside the window, so we spent the late afternoon in the room, watching the boats go by and drinking yummy chai.  #reset
The one thing I absolutely love about all the Taj properties is their exclusive line of bath products from Forest Essentials. No shame, I called down for several restocks. And made the hubby call down a few times too. And didn’t let him use them while we were there. #sorrybaby #sorrynotsorry
Sadly, the time to come back came all too soon, so I didn’t get a chance to try the spa services, but I was promised by a certain mister that we will be back for a longer trip next time. Not too sure I want to come back to this particular hotel though. I didn’t fall in love. I would give this hotel a solid B, but when I compare it to other luxury hotels we’ve been to, this hotel hasn’t stood apart from the pack. The staff was competent and polite like any other, but like I said, nothing that set them apart. You could go for the view, but I think that’s about it.  
* most of the pictures were taken by me, with a few exceptions I got off the internet