The Ad-alat: Food Ads We Gotta Talk about this June 2016

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The Ad-alat: Review Court is in Session
I love ads, you love ads, we love ads! Just not when it's in the middle of some other entertainment. And so, our advertising world has evolved to make ads that are entertaining on their own. Since we are sharing our honest opinion (#IMHO), we're excited to introduce The Ad-alat, where we review Indian ads from any and all kinds of media. This time, we are looking at TV commercials and the brands that we gotta talk about in June.
FOOD BRANDS IN THE AD-ALAT THIS MONTH Not just the eating kind, we even got the drinking kind.
Alat: Maggi
MAGGI Noodles Fresh off the stove, comes this new ad for the recently recovered Maggi noodles. Trying for cuteness with two sisters fighting about etiquette over a bowl of noodles and a new tagline to bring back the past glory, we find that despite all, Maggi's still got the charm to pull it off.
Palat: Sunfeast Yippee
Sunfeast YiPPee: Tricolor Pasta Let's look at the equation, again. Children? check. Siblings? check. Fighting over a bowl of pasta? check. So what's not working here? Maybe, it's the unnecessarily added storylines about it being 4pm and a pasta with three colors is therefore, the boss?...umm, we don't know. Though it's all there, this TVC falls flat and quite far-fetched. Maybe try the patriotic angle next time? It's better? No.
Alat: Parlé Mexitos
Parlé Mexitos Though questionable as a concept, this new ad manages to not only bring out the absurdity of its product's name in a multilingual India and make us laugh but also drums Parle's coined name for it into our heads. You'll love the simpleness of the story.
Palat: Frito Lay's
Frito Lay's: More to love Following on the heels of the immensely liked Ranbir Kapoor campaign, this 30-second commercial reminds us that these potato chips are now in a larger bag. It does so with a weighed-down hot-air balloon concept that's a little too lazy as a narrative and quite forgettable.
Alat: Catch Foods
Subzi Masala Let's shoot straight. Gender equality gets thrown into the frying pan in Catch Foods' latest campaign with a tagline that Catch was the 100% Indian woman's match. If you choose to ignore that, you'll find this ad campaign very tastefully made and not at all boring. Though we all love hearing Vidya Balan pronounce 'boring' over and over again.
Garam Masala Vidya Balan is a crowd pleaser and has a certain flair when it comes to showing off a product, making her perfect for advertising. Thus proven in these ad creatives. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the screenplay is well-written and engaging.
Palat: Mountain Dew
It's quite frustrating sometimes when brands shell out large sums of money to rope in big name celebrities only to have the ad concept fall languorously by the side. Hrithik Roshan in his ripped glory gets into the game and suited up in CGI after drinking some Mountain Dew, aka game fuel, only to just spend 6 seconds of this 30-seconder as a "hero". Get yo' head in the game, Mountain Dew!
Alat: Appy Fizz
Priyanka Chopra is one of the most sought-after actors in the world right now and to piggyback on that ride, Appy Fizz brings her in to tell them how to make an ad, their words. And so she does, with catchphrases like "You guys need more balls". Though the setting was awkward and the ad was far from being "awesome", the camera work kept the focus on the lovely PC and the background score was just right. The ad was quite memorable and we can't find fault with that.

We aren't done yet! Watch this space for more. This court session is adjourned!