Married Mondays

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The hubby decided he wanted to cook this weekend. I was very graciously asked if I wanted anything in particular, to which I promptly replied, ' NO Indian!'

After much back and forth:

'No Indian!'

'How about Paneer Tikka?'

'No Indian!'

'How about Dal Makhani? Or Sambar?'

'No Indian!'

'Hmmm, Potato Fry and Rasam?'

'No Indian baby!'

'Ok fine! Butter Chicken!'

'...... okay.'

This went on for ten minutes when we finally decided on a Indo-Italian menu. #notjoking

Gordon Ramsay's Coriander Garlic and Chili Butter Chicken, Garlic Bread and a Caprese salad. The compromise with the Butter Chicken was that it's a British man's recipe.

Cue the smirk.

So off he went grocery shopping, armed with a shopping list, his wallet and a cellphone. I was given strict instructions to keep my phone within arms reach IN CASE he called.

He called.

We needed coriander for the butter chicken and basil for the salad.

'Baby, I sent you a picture. Which one is basil and which one is coriander?' 

'Ummm.. I don't know honey. I can't tell properly. Isn't there a store assistant nearby?' 

' Yeh. He's standing right next to me.'

'soo.... let's ask him no?'

'yeh ok. bye'

5 minutes later : 

Another love letter from the husband: 

'Is that enough Basil?'

Trying really hard not to laugh - ' Yeh baby, that should be good. The Italians just called and they said they were coming over for dinner since we took all the basil.'

'BABY! Are you making fun of me? Is this too much basil?'

'Never baby. Never. '

Luckily we got through the rest of the list unharmed.

Gordon Ramsay's Coriander Garlic and Chili Butter Chicken 

We (by we I mean he)  followed the recipe here pretty closely, the only exception being that he added a tad more chili to make it a little more spicy for us. He also blended the ginger, garlic and chili together. Ramsay just diced them, we grinded them. #poetry #yesgrindedisawordnow

My only job was to read the recipe out loud and I managed to mess even that up.  We (me) got confused between pod and clove and almost told the husband to add in 5 whole garlic pods. Actually I did tell him, but fortunately common sense prevailed. Unfortunately, it was after he had peeled and finely diced all 5 pods.  #oops.

After that, I was accused of criminal warfare and sabotage and got relegated to the cheering section. #rude. #Thank God.

Garlic Bread 


1 Baguette - the older the better
2 Tbsp butter ( 3 if you want it extra buttery)
a few cranks of the pepper mill - to taste
1 whole garlic pod - peeled and finely diced
salt - to taste


  • Preheat oven to 350 F.
  • Mix the butter with the garlic, pepper and salt - to taste
  • There are two ways to cut the bread:    

            1. Slice horizontally through the baguette making sure that you don't slice it completely into                
                   two. The goal is to create a little pocket to put the butter in.
            2. Slice vertically down at an angle, making about 1.5 to 2 inch cuts in to the bread, again
                making sure you don't cut all the way through.

  • Put a teaspoon of the butter mixture into each slice to start with, making sure to coat the entire area evenly. If you have more butter left at the end, rinse and repeat. ( not really rinse. you know that right? I was joking. seriously - do not rinse the damn bread.) 
  • Place the bread into the oven - obviously please be careful-for 10 minutes. 
  • Check on it in 10 minutes - the kitchen should already smell like an Italian heaven (kinda like  Olive Garden #lol ) - if you feel the bread isn't crisp enough, keep it in for another 5 minutes. 
  • Dunk it in the Butter chicken and enjoy! OR put some of the Caprese salad on top of it and pretend you're Italian! 
*Clearly the picture of the garlic bread isn't ours, we didn't put parsley on it. 

*this picture is ours! we present the butter chicken! the garlic bread! and the leftover coriander!

Caprese Salad 


I followed Rachael Ray's recipe from here. I also added a squeeze of lemon on top because I'm the Head Chef and I can do whatever I want. If people didn't want lemon then they shouldn't have let me volunteer to make it  'cuz everyone knows I love lemons. Duh. 

*That picture of the salad isn't what mine looked like. #whatever

Poor guy was exhausted by the time we wrapped up dinner. He kept asking how in the world the guys in the cooking competitions make so much food in an hour. #flabbergasted

As we were falling asleep I heard him mutter to himself that he should hold off on the Masterchef Australia audition.  #hassledhusband #love