Married Mondays

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The monsoons are here in India! My absolute favorite season, there's nothing I like more than to indulge in the cliche of curling up with a hot cup and a book. I deviated a little yesterday and curled up with a laptop and the hubby instead, going through his old pictures with him.

We were looking through our first selfies when I came across a picture I didn't know he had taken of me. Like any other new couple in a long distance relationship, we would fall asleep with FaceTime still on and  I guess I'm totally #adorbs when I'm asleep because that was the picture he had taken. #wokeuplikethis #so sweet #thank god i wasn't drooling 

I got all dewy-eyed and decided I shall scour the internet so that you guys could get dewy eyed looking at cutesy pictures too. 

If you are in India, enjoy the rains! If you are anywhere else in the world, give us two weeks before we start complaining about the rains. #youknowitstrue

Amen to that!