Married Mondays

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I was bored this last week and kept putting off all the errands I had to do; waxing( don't get me started), buying soap (we're down to the last shards)  and toothbrushes( half the bristles fell out of mine two months ago), dentist appointment ( maybe that's why I need to see a dentist?), blah blah blah.

Seriously, who has time for such luxuries? You want to know what I was doing instead?

I was googling finances with the husband. #notevensurewhy

I guess any newly-wed would do that though huh? Just like they would have the ‘do I change my last name?’ conversation. It’s just one of those things that have to be discussed, like who takes the trash out (obviously the husband won) or who does the late night ice cream run (husband won again). #evilchuckle

Anyway, I googled. And I saw these frequently searched questions. I kinda laughed and kinda shot daggers at my husband on behalf of all womankind. Don’t worry ladies. I gotcha. #chicksbeforedicks

I had to find proper data though so I tried to research married couples finances from all around the world. It's always better to get a wide range of opinions and pick from there. I didn't have a time frame on the articles I was researching, I mean come on - money is always money. 

In case any of you guys are getting married soon or have just gotten married, here are a list of articles I found super helpful. Some are just funny though to help beat the Monday blues. #moodymondays

2. How to Combine Finances With Your Partner - who better to listen to than Forbes? 

3 . Combining Finances: 5 Options for Managing Money as a Couple - in case you don't trust the boys, how to make it happen from a woman 

5.  Why My Husband and I Insist on Keeping Our Money Completely Separate - I draw the line at this one. The husband and wife split everything down the middle, even groceries. 

6.  Newlyweds, Here's How To Manage Your Finances - don't want to read so much so early in the week? Here's a slideshow from Forbes. 

7.  The 8 Biggest Financial Mistakes Newlyweds Make - so helpful. From Huffington Post. 

8. Investing for Two: How Real Couples Save for Their Futures - real life advice from real life couples! 

Hope this helps guys! Happy Monday!