Movie Review : This Means War

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Rating: 3/5
I know I know. This movie is old. 4 years old to be exact. But sometimes my friends, ‘old is gold.’
I over-exaggerate in this case. We haven’t struck gold. We may be dealing with a low grade variant of copper if we push it. But sometimes my friends, ‘ the good things in life are free.’
I lie. Even Mcdonalds costs money.
But you get my point. Sometimes you just need to get a happy meal from Mickey D’s and veg out in front of the tv with a no brainer – entertaining- moderately funny movie.
I give to you.... drumroll please.. This Means War.
Eye candy for both sexes – check
Cool clothes- check
British accent – check
Chelsea Handler- check
Rebel Wilson – check
Cute kid with dad issues, a touch of attitude and a ting of sadness- check
Inappropriate humor – check
Romantic montage – check
Bromance – check
Fight scenes for bae – check
Seriously. What more could you want on a Friday night in with bae?  
So do as I say, cuddle up with bae and enjoy your day.
Ps- you have just been given a sneak peek of my wonderful poetry. Please send ur demands for a Pulitzer on my behalf directly to the agency. Thank you.
Can't get enough? Here's the trailer.