Sartorial Schizophrenia

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It's a weird time weather wise here in India. 

The arrogant Sun God's  bright heat has curled tendril like rays deep into us and is hesitant to unfurl itself and leave, while the coy Rain Goddess isn't too eager to make her dark majestic wind swept trumpeted  appearance. The weather is blowing hot and cold ( pun intended #theyareflirting #pulitzerguaranteed) and for times like this, it's better we be prepared for anything. Anyone who has gotten themselves caught between two lovers knows that. 

Hence, the long sleeved cotton dress with a cute bunny on your boob thrown in for a little livin la vida loca.

I've given you day and night options to wear with it, although being a little sartorially schizophrenic, I won't judge if you switch it around and wear the heels during the day and the sneakers at night. 
Be unpredictable like the weather! 

Night options/ I'm a rebel so these are my Day options : 

If you have to have these exact pieces ( who wouldn't ) : Dress is available here Shoes are all available here Day options/ I can't be bothered to wear heels Night options:

Dress is available here
Top pair of slip ons and boots available here