The Ad-alat: Women Run The World - June 2016

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The Ad-alat: Review Court is in Session
Welcome back!
'tis the season to love being a whoa-man. We join the bandwagon of ads following the theme of women empowerment and getting in touch with our feminine side. Some get their experiment just right, some are awkward. Let's see which one's make us wanna stay and which one's make us 'palat' away in The Ad-alat. We're still focusing on TVCs in this edition and have pitted together ads from the same industry. So, let us know in a comment below how you liked these ads.
Alat: Star Sports - Women's Kabaddi Challenge
A well-written ad from Star Sports announces the start of the Women's Kabaddi Challenge, with scenes showing women in unorthodox jobs and roles. This 1-minute TVC manages to bring out the emotions, promote a great background song, and even have a pun in a catchy tagline. Applause!
Alat: Star Sports: Godrej No. 1 Soap
Maybe it's the banter between two old ladies, maybe it's the fact that their granddaughter says "Chill, girls!", but we enjoyed this ad's take on the hackneyed 'beauty versus hygiene' argument that soap ads have milked for generations.
Alat: Lifebuoy Soap
It's not preachy. It's not logical. It's just dramatic with a capital D. But, we love it, with a capital L... for Lifebuoy. (Yes, that was dramatic too!)
Palat: Vivel Soap
Yes, we know. Women get all kinds of "attention" and it's always awkward. Been there. Though we really like the premise of this ad, something in the production - maybe it's the forced acting or the unlikeliness of the punchline that just makes us think some samjhauta may have happened.
Alat: Engage Deos
Still riding the risqué train, Engage deos's new ad doesn't necessarily shock us with its acknowledgement of PDA like it did in its earlier creatives. As always, the ad features an addictive soundtrack, a well-choreographed dance routine, and an undertone of romance. Their patented formula still hits the nail.
He Respect Deos: Every Sexist Commercial
If you like watching ads as much as we do, you would probably get all the references in this ad, and we loved that! Add in a comedian like Vir Das who naturally understands comedic timing, then we've got a seller here. Though the plot somehow gets lost in the lines for the product reveal, we give this ad a solid 8 out of 10! Who doesn't love a man rocking a flowy dress!
He Respect Deos: Asli Men Respect Women
We are not sure why advertisers think that Hrithik Roshan needs CGI when he's in an ad, but here we are again...watching him swipe, tap, pinch out, and do other touch-phone tricks to show that you need to respect women. It's not often that we get to see such a severe deviation of creativity in the same ad campaign, so - sorry Hrithik. It just doesn't work.
More coming up on The Ad-alat! This court session is adjourned. We are nice people - so why don't you comment below. Also, we love questions. So, ask away!


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