Book Review... or is it?

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Dear Quercus Publishers,

I'm sure you have heard this before: 

'O! be some other name:

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet' 

Let’s test that theory shall we Mr. Shakespeare.

Would The Rebel Queen by Michelle Moran read as sweetly as hmm, let’s say, The Last Queen of India by Michelle Moran?

Oh! What do you know! It does! Shakespeare was right all that time ago!

And why would that be you ask?


Can you tell I’m upset? annoyed? And to be honest, a little cheated? Because that is exactly what I was feeling when I pulled The Last Queen of India out on my flight yesterday, looking forward to two uninterrupted hours of reading. I turned exactly three pages when a sense of Déjà vu came upon me. I had read this book before. 

I stopped and flipped the book around hoping I was wrong. I skipped ahead a few chapters and read a page. Yup. I had read it before. Hell, I even reviewed it here.

So what happened then you ask?

What happened was that the habibi, my poor poor husband had to deal with two hours of grumbling and muttering, thereby not only letting him sleep but also forcing him to come up with new forms of entertainment for the bored baby i.e. me. 

Let’s not digress into what he suggested (sleeping, more sleeping on his shoulder or counting the number of passengers on the plane) #godsavehimwhenimbored

At first I felt like an idiot. Who buys the same book? Dum Dum. (ironic because we were flying into the erstwhile named Dum Dum Airport #joke #notlaughing #annoyed)

Then I got mad at the author and the publisher. I felt cheated. The book cover is different, the name is different, and the write up at the back was different. How could I have known?

Granted, when I was buying the book I did seem to wonder how the author came out with two books relatively similar back to back, but I didn’t pay much attention to it since she had written two similar novels about ancient Egypt.

The minute I got network signal, I googled.  For everyone else out there, to clarify a situation that should not have occurred, (why is the name of the book changed from country to country anyway?) The Last Rebel is the exact same book as The Last Queen of India.

To Whom It May Concern at Quercus:
I would like to know why you changed the name of the book. Why it is The Rebel Queen in the USA and The Last Queen of India everywhere else in the world. I also would like to know why it wasn’t clearly marked on the book so that – forgive me- idiots like me don’t buy it twice in our enthusiasm for the genre and love for the author.

Dear Ms. Moran,
How could you let this happen?

A very disgruntled and annoyed reader, 


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