Loving These Links Lately: Finds of the Week

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1. Omg. #canteven. Props for creativity. I think the biggest shocker of it all is that those couples managed to find each other. #truesoulmates #ifitinvolvescostumesitstruelove

The pictures only get crazier.

2.Want to smell like a long gone princess or queen? This site has you covered from Anne Boleyn and beyond.

3. This mom had her son in law serendipitously picked out years before her daughter met him. She's got pictures to prove it.

4.  Game of Thrones vs. The Real Royal Family- Mashed up! How cool! 

5. Microblading - is it as scary as it sounds?!

6.  If you're anything like me and love diamonds, watch this video for your own good!

7. I aced the bag test and bombed the shoe quiz. #SMH
Can you tell the difference between cheap and expensive better than me? Take the quizzes and lemme know!

8.  Then and Now  - Exact same location, exact same spot, decades apart!



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