The 100th Post!!!

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We made it to through 4 months and 99 posts you guys!

In 99 posts, we've written
12 series
59,882 words
263,057 characters
334,532 characters + spaces = 168 A4 pages of pure text
578 images
Reading time of 8 hours 27 minutes and 40 seconds
Over 30,000 views
And of course, 99 works of literature!



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Top 10 Countries People Visited Aigu from
United States

Milestones We Crossed
1. 100 posts (#duh)
2. 100 Instagram followers
3. 30,000 views
4. Have a Film Director and Lead Actor Retweet a Movie Review
5. Interviewed an Author on Book Launch Day


The 100th POST! I simultaneously can't believe we have a 100 posts already and at the same time (which is what simultaneously means #duh #englishlesson)  I'm thinking, wait that's it? It's only been a 100? I've had so much fun writing for this blog, although I forgot that in the middle and got distracted by views and numbers. Ray brought it back to reality for me #rayoflight #cornyaf #loveit #queenofcorn #stoppingnow, and since then, my joy at just being able to have a place to voice my opinions, to even have a voice that will be heard  has kept on increasing.

My favorite post: it's a tie between this Married Monday post when the Habibi and I made Butter Chicken and this Thinking Thoughts post on how the West is copying the East.

My favorite moment: When I caught the Habibi surreptitiously reading a Married Mondays post

My favorite series so far: I'm really enjoying writing Married Mondays and Status Stalking... and the Reviews.. and the links... you get the picture. #inlovewiththeblog

My favorite post of Rays' : I actually really enjoy all of Rays' recipes.. especially the whiskey cure- all. She made it for me this past weekend when I was sick  and within 10 minutes of drinking it I sprang back to life.


HOLY BADWORDS! It's a century of times that we have written stuff for what felt like just Rumi and me, at first. You know, I could go all misty-eyed about us having done this 99 times before but honestly, there's so much more where that came from. Once you get to know us, you'll understand why I say that.
Rumi and I have been friends for like the longest time. We giggled over things we thought were cute, went 'oonagi' over topics that just clicked at the same time, fought over colors (like, seriously), made up over a day of cooking, and all this brought us closer than ever before. Hearts!

My favorite post: I don't have a favorite. I love all my posts equally. But there are a few posts that I love even more equally. Like when I got to draw celebrities in Being Ar'truistic and Episode 2 of the Dear Diary series.

My favorite moment: Probably the 'aha' moment when we named our blog. We'd been saying 'aigu' instead of 'cheers' for years. But one sunny day in March this year, we were clinking our spoonfuls of Nutella (yes, we really like to do that) with an 'aigu to you too', and it just hit us. It was a beautiful moment. A few days later, we were excitedly and awkwardly welcoming you.

My favorite series so far: It's got to be our Reviews series, #IMHO, that has reviews of everything from moviesbooks, to hotels and even ads!

My favorite post of Rumi's: I've always been envious of how fluid Rumi's writing is. It's like words just flow out of her and she's having a hashtag-friendly conversation with you. And she always manages to have some amazing pictures in 'em. My favorite post of Rumi's so far is the first one for Down the Rabbit Hole where Rumi went from talking about a book to fashion and as always with her, all roads lead to weddings. :)

Rumi and Ray:

Rumi: I can't believe we've had 30,000 views dude! In 4 months!
Ray: IKR?! I can't believe at least 60k eyeballs have seen our blog posts.
Rumi: And a maximum of 120,000. Gotta #represent the #foureyes! #REPRE-SEHNT!

Ray: And all the eyes rolling at that. Woot woot!

Rumi: We haven't accounted for 'bots though Ray. I'm pretty sure you and I are really the only humans who read it. ( Friends and family don't count ya.)

Ray: Meh, I'd still pat our backs. Anyway, didn't we start this blog for us?

Rumi: and the Habibi - for when I need a place to drop subtle hints about wanting flowers or the new Gucci Dionysus bag that just came out. #hinthint

Ray: Hear, hear, sistah!
Rumi: To all our non robotic and very human viewers! We love you! Whoever you are! We would love to hear from you in the future!
Ray: Aigu to you all beautiful people!
Rumi: Aigu to you too!

And that's how you make magic a hundredth time!

Ray and Rumi


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