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Hi y'all!
How was your week, people? Well, here's how ours went:

We went a little melodramatic this week. It all started with Rumi's deep dive into how the month of 'Aashadam' (read: monsoon season) affects newlyweds in South India. Don't worry, she goes so deep into the nitty gritties of it all, she finds a way for the two of you to not be apart for a whole month. Or, as Rumi says it...A WHOLE MONTH!

The drama doesn't stop there. Ray went the other way, into the cups - literally. Working off a cold and sniffling through life, groaning about everything is how one would describe it. So, now we know what Ray does when feeling down - this Irish hot whiskey will cure all (teetotalers welcome too). Or, as we hear Ray mumble... CURE ALL! #aigu

Wait! Did we start something new this week? Weelll, looks like we did. Ray made the first issue of a new webcomic series called 'The Genarians'. Before you get those nimble fingers onto your keyboard to find out the meaning of the word, let's help you out. Genarian is usually a suffix to designate someone's age decade by decade, and each decade is given its own collective noun. Like in, octogenarian is someone who's between the ages of 80 and 89. Then there's sexagenarian (haha!), vicegenarian, and so on (yeah, you can google those, if you want. Gawd!). Check it out tho!

It's hard to pick a favorite this week but if we were to be asked (yes, we get asked), we would say that Rumi's Stalker Status article on Chrissy Teigen wins out! #ChrissyTeigenforPresident

We also can't get over Rumi's sassy fashion sense in Sartorial Schizophrenia. It's SO CUTE! Or, as Rumi says it...SO CUTE!

Now that another week has come to a close and we go back to daily grind of those elbow gears (yeah, it's a pun - gawd!), we ask you to be cute and be mobile with your code in CutieCoding. #saywhat

It was a good week!

Ray and Rumi


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