Down the Rabbit Hole: From Mumbai to Memories to Taste Buds

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It's funny how much havoc  age and time  will do to your senses.  I'm currently in Mumbai on a quick  trip that  I've really been looking forward to.
When I was younger, I used to come with my parents every year on the way to my grandparents house, but once they moved back we stopped coming. This is the first time I've been back in at least 10 years and all I can say is that it's a completely new world.

Mumbai has changed drastically and yet nothing has changed.

The squalor, the damp salty sea breeze that brushes across your face whether you like it or not leaving behind that fishy smell that comes from living in a port fishing city by the sea, the yuck and muck that is stuck to every crevice of the city, the constant lookout for a movie star or a shooting taking place ( #hellya #guiltyforsure... I dragged Habibi along kicking and screaming when I was stalking a guy I was sure was Akshay Kumar), none of that has changed.

It seems like Mumbaikers have just gotten better at ignoring the slums and the beggars, chosing instead to focus on the new sheen of gloss and glamour that wealth and Bollywood can create. Not that we can blame them, multiple attempts to rehabilitate and help the less fortunate are frequently shunned by those very same less fortunate and halted in progress by political agendas. #dontgetmestarted

 The reason I mention Mumbai is because I come to it with a certain memory in mind. A picture in my minds eye of what something will taste like - chaat I'm looking at you - what places will look like - Nariman Point - what shopping will be like - tiring and fun -  and how nostalgia will hit me like a wave the minute I step foot off the plane.

 I digress though.
A Mumbai post is coming your way, but for now I have a question.

Has re-living a moment in the present ever lived up to the weight of your expectations from your memory of when you first experienced that moment?

For  me, the present has rarely lived up to the past  if I compare the two experiences.

Like when we ate chaat food here last night on Juhu Beach. I remember it tasting much much MUCH better when I was younger.

Which leads to the question, Did it really taste better when I was a kid or do I just remember it that way? Have I romanticized the whole thing?

I asked the Habibi which lead to a 10 minute lecture on how I had dragged him across the city for amazing mind blowing  chaat and all I gave him was sand dusted stale bhel puri. #as if #notmyfault #grumpyhabibi

Clearly he wasn't in the mood #winkwink, so a - researching I went.

Apparently our tastes do change as we age!

Here is an article that tells you what to expect at every age :

Why do you think vanilla ice-cream is the world's best-selling flavour? "It is the closest adult food to breast milk."

Umm.. ew and also ooooh. 

In this article it says:  some researchers say kids are super-powered when it comes to taste.

Making more sense to me now. 

And then I struck gold! I found proof

 'Another study conducted at the University of Copenhagen involving 8,900 Danish schoolchildren discovered that there's a noticeable change in taste perception as a child develops into a teenager.'

I showed that article to Habibi. I got a grunt. I'll take it! 

Tonight we go to Trishna, the famous seafood restaurant. I used to go at least once on every trip with my parents when we were here. Let's see if stands the test of time.. and my memories. 



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