Movie Review: About Time

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Rating: 3/5

I want to ask Rachel Mcadams what about time travel in particular is fascinating to her? Because there is obviously something that speaks to her, this is the third time travelling movie she’s been in ( Time Travellers Wife and Midnight in Paris). I understand the curiosity though. I find the subject fascinating too.  Back To The Future…all three parts.. were a favourite back in the day. #imoldyall

Even though all her movies are starting to blend into one another and nothing will ever beat The Notebook, I still love Mcadams. She’s a wonderful actress but what’s different about her is that she brings a sense of old world with her. A patina of history so to speak. Well, its either her, or the director of cinematography that evoke that sense of history and the past to me .

I liked this movie. Didn’t love it. Didn’t hate it. I gave it a three because it kept me engaged and involved the whole time. I wasn’t bored at any part and I didn’t not understand anything of the time travelling. They were smart to haze over the logistics and semantics and focus on the story. This movie is part love story, self discovery, family entertainer and sci-fiction, so I don’t know which genre I could place it in and be satisified. It’s the jack of all trades master of none types. Watch it with family, watch it with your sweetheart, watch it with friends.. it doesn’t matter, there’s a little in there for everyone.

I think the scenes and relationship I liked the most in the movie were the two main leads and the father son relationship. Rachel and her co-star had great chemistry, and although I’ve never heard of this actor before, the more I watched the movie, the more I liked him. Truthfully I thought he wasn’t cute enough in the beginning to be the hero of a rom com but he definitely grew on me.
Their first date scene in particular is really cute, you can see the great work they are doing but more than that, you can feel the chemistry between the pair.

The father son relationship was also endearing through out the story. Bill Nighy is cast perfectly as the father playing his part with ease.

The mother also stood out to me which is saying a lot because she only had a few scenes and even fewer lines.
The two scenes that stuck with me are hers, I don’t know if that is testament to her acting or the writers.

The first scene I loved  is when she meets Rachel for the first time and tells her ‘it’s good to not be too pretty. It doesn’t allow for a personality to develop.’
 LOL. And so true.
Then she grills her, ‘ what are your weaknesses?’
In the first meeting!
I would have keeled over.

The next is just a line she says, but it hit me. Hit me hard.

‘Frankly my dear, I am completely uninterested in living a life without him.’


It’s good time pass. Watch it if you can. If you can’t, don’t worry too much. You aren’t missing out.
Can't decide? 
Here's the trailer.