Reflections | Week That Was (WTW)

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This has been a reflective week for us. Not too reflective though, just deep enough for us to look around and laugh at everything that happens around us and with us.

Let's start with the obvious way Rumi gets into deep thought. By going Down The Rabbit Hole. This week, it's when she has street food at Mumbai and somehow lands up reading about breast milk?

Our other regular author seems to have caught the same bug, as Ray, to use the scientific term here, rants about how gender neutrality is everywhere and nowhere at the same time in the Single Saturdays post that only a single girl can crib about.

Of course, the easiest way to get all nostalgic, reminiscent, and amused even is by watching movies. But, was Rumi entertained by Morgan Freeman's The Magic of Belle Isle? She is to-the-point and even provides bullet points to illustrate her opinion about this movie.

Rumi was sure thrilled by the Telugu movie 'Pellichoopulu' as she goes on a hilarious tangent with probably the best explanation of how arranged marriages work in India in the Married Mondays post for all who are going to get 'the sit-down' with their families.

Now, how can a week be complete without one of Ray's sumptuous 'Sweet Everythings' recipes as this time we learn that Tiramisù cakes can be gifts too!

Just make sure that you don't give or receive gifts with instructions like this mosquito bat!

It was a good week!

Ray and Rumi