Sartorial Schizophrenia

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I wasn't allowed to wear toe rings until recently.  To be more specific, I wasn't allowed to even try them on until I got married.
My mom was pretty strict about that one tradition/rule and whenever I would dare try on a cool toe ring at Claire's or at the silver store, she would smack it out of my hand and tell me to have some damn patience.
I could have easily put one on when she wasn't around but for some reason the sentiment stuck and I ended up listening to her. #shegotinmyhead #brainwashingworksya'll

Suffice to say, now that I can wear them ( I got married in case you missed reading that whole paragraph above and all my Married Mondays posts #cheeky #feelingsarcastictoday) I love shopping for them.

Here are a few of my favorites that I've found online.
For all you married girls out there, it's time to go shopping!
For all you single ladies, save this post and come back to it when you are! In the meantime go flirt with a bunch of cuties.

So cute to wear everyday:

You know that stacking/layering trend everyone is doing now?
Be different and do it on your toes instead!

Or if you have a wedding to go to, raid your moms' or grandmas' stash and go old school : 

I can't get over this one! I placed an order with my silversmith the minute I saw this!

I like these a lot too. Old school in a Modern setting. It's enough without being too much. 

These next ones are redonk. I personally wouldn't ever wear them but props to those who will! #punkchick #rockerchick #badass 

This one is out of control. She's walking around with weapons on her feet. #dontmesswithher



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