Sartorial Schizophrenia

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Trend Alert! 

In case you are experiencing a constant sense of Deja vù every time you step out of the house and are scared you are losing your mind....

Not to Fear
Rumi is Here!   
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The 90's are back! With a bang! In case you were in high school during that era and were focusing on just staying alive with a little grace and didn't have the chance to jump on the accessories and make up trend..... 

Now is 
Your Time to Shine! 


 in the 90's : 

  • SKIN: Pale matte foundation, subtle blush  
  • BROWS: Thin and highly arched 
  • EYES:  Dark Neutrals - oranges, browns, pinks
  • LIPS: pale or dark matte   

Makeup now: 90's makeup revamped:

  • SKIN: Tan skin with contour and highlighting, bronzer and a touch of blush 
  • BROWS: full and natural, groomed 
  • EYES: dark neutrals with a little shimmer - oranges, pinks 
  • LIPS: overdrawn neutral pouts, matte  


It's all about the chokers! 
Since we live in India, i've adapted this for us to wear with our indian outfits. #you'rewelcome

I've found some great options that are right on trend worldwide but have an indian flair to them that would be great with salwars or sarees. 

How cute are those tassels on the back of that Navratan choker?! 
Imagine wearing that with a low back blouse and hair in top knot. #sohcute


*the chokers are available for sale from Amrapali Jewels and Pernia's Pop Up Shop.