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I've spent most of the past two months in the company of two men, my dad and my husband. Which is starting to make me feel like i've unwittingly stepped into a Fraternity House and can't get out. Sounds like a dream come true right? Being the centre of attention to the two most important men in my life, with no one else around to distract them or deter them from me and my holiness.

A total dream come true... if by dream it means nightmare.

Be careful what you wish for ya'll. It will come true.

I lapped up the attention and basked in the glory for a week until I quickly realized that being in the limelight all the time is not all that great. It's a lot of attention to deal with, especially if you are around it 24/7.


I know you're probably thinking, 'How bad can it be? She should know how lucky she is to have that.'

Let me enlighten you.

One is annoyed/irritated  because he hasn't operated in a month and doesn't like to be idle... 'my hands are crying out for a nice broken bone to fix'..... #crazyboy and the other is annoying because... well because he's getting old and he gets bored if i'm not around to annoy.

Case(s) in point:

'This tea is too sweet.' 

I made it again.

'Now you put too much cardamom in it. Your mom doesn't ever put too much in... take this back and put some sugar in it.'

'This plate is too hot but the omelette is cold.' 
Yes he really said that. I put the omelette on a cold plate and gave it back to him.
'There. Now they're both cold.'

I received a dirty look for that impertinence.

'You're ruining my diet, how can you be so inconsiderate and derail my efforts to lose weight?'
( I gave him an omelette with pepperoni.) 

Later that same day - 
'Can I have some ice cream? And don't be kanjoos with the nuts.' 

'Why is my bathroom wet?' 
'Because you just took a bath daddy.' 
'Why is it still wet though? What did you do?' 
'Daddy, you're still in the bathroom. What can I possibly do from here?' 
'I know you. You did something. Just like when I gave you my phone to fix and you did something and now it doesn't work.' 
'You dropped it daddy. Maybe that's why it doesn't work?'
'No. It was you. I know you.' 

I had called the plumber to fix a clogged drain. 

Shouting from the bedroom - 'Who are you calling?' ( how he even heard is a different conversation all together)
'The plumber.' 
'The drain is clogged and we aren't getting any water from the tap.' 
' I don't know daddy... If I did then I wouldn't be calling the plumber now would I?'
'What did you do? I know you. You did something.' 
'Yeh it was me. I called the municipal department and had them turn off the water to that one single tap in the house. I'm a diabolical genius.' 
'........You fix it first and then call the plumber.' 
'...... okay.' 

In the meantime the Habibi is roaming around the house, waiting for something to do or rather waiting for something to do other than what he is supposed to be doing i.e. studying. As a result, all our electronics have been taken apart and put back together - doesn't matter if they were broken to start with or not, a broken glass deer figurine of my moms' has been repaired, a wobbly chair is now no longer wobbly,  cooking has been taken over by Le Habibi, lights have been fixed, wifi is now super fast, the tv speakers no longer crackle... it goes on.  #madhatter  #socute
 I think he's cracking though. 

For the past week now i've been waking up to the Habibi staring at me. 
No. Not out of love. 

And we have the same conversation every morning. 

'Are you up?' 
'okay.... but when are you gonna get up?' 
'not anytime soon baby.' 
'okay.. but around what time?' 
'ten more minutes okay?' 
'okay.. so I'm gonna get up.' 
'you aren't going to get up yet right?' 
'okay. so I'm gonna go. but you said ten minutes right?' 
'okay. cuz I'm gonna get up now.' 


For the most part it's been fun. I'm enjoying playing house, going grocery shopping,  making meals, and taking care of the guys. It's sweet to watch my dad and his son in law interact, getting to know one another and bonding. I'm not gonna lie, I was jealous at first but then I quickly realized that when they were talking to each other the attention was diverted from me for a few blissful minutes.

The other day they were listening to the Prime Ministers' speech (for Independence Day here in India) and humming/singing the anthem to their hearts glory. In unison. #personalsymphony #surprisinglygood

But sometimes a girl just needs some girl time. To spend time with people who understand why you can't be ready in 5 minutes....  and why it's a big deal that they even assumed you could.#duh
 Or the freedom to be cranky without getting two men tiptoeing around you because you're 'acting crazy like your mother' (i'm still telling mom you said that btw daddy).
Or to gossip without being told 'to get a life.'
Or to eat an apple and some peanut butter without hearing ' YOU'RE EATING BUTTER?!!!!'

All of this is making me miss my girls all the more. I didn't realize how important friends are to a persons sanity.  Most of them are far far away from me, and the ones that are close by are all off on vacations. Even 5 minutes on the phone with one of them makes me feel so much better.

Just goes to show. You never know what you have until you have lost it. It took two men driving me up the wall to make me appreciate my girls.

I came across this article and it rang a bell.

Especially this line :

Here’s to finding the crazy balance between mundane life details and big life moments.

To never beginning calls with “How are you?” Instead promise to dive right into whatever is happening, or bugging you, or on your mind. It’s this level of comfort and intimacy that makes it OK (most of the time) that you’re no longer in the same city and can’t just grab a drink tonight to vent.

You know who you are. 


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