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For some reason I'm seeing Doppelgängers everywhere.

You remember the Masterchef one right?  

The other day I was watching a makeup video by Jeffree Star.

This one to be exact. 

 And again I had that annoying niggle in the back of my head that he looks really familiar. ( I watch all his videos but no not that kind of familiar #yousilly)

and then BOOM!

Inspiration stuck.

He's Kerry Washington's Doppelgänger!

Ok not exactly, but hear me out.

I think it's the bottom half of their faces that are doppelgängers. Lips and chin to be precise.

Do you see it? Is it just me?!


ps - wanna hear something cool? In the video they talk about how Jeffree Stars boyfriend looks exactly like Eugene from Tangled.. it's so true!