Throwback Thursday: The L-Scale

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I have been traveling.

In fact, even now I am on this weirdly poignant, yet exciting journey down someone else's memory lane. Specifically, my grandparents' memories.

Not to go down that sepia-toned path, but it's sometimes hard to put into words how I feel about going through the little things that they have left behind from eras that have come and gone, and then forgotten.

Now that I finally have the opportunity to look through cartons and cartons of stuff, unlabeled and left for posterity to decipher its history, it's hard not to lament about what has been lost. The stories these objects have to tell, all lost to time.

One such airquotes "object" is this L-scale that is more than 72 years old!
[update: After I sent out the post and some more oldies in the family got to see it, it turns out that this is at least 90 years old! Apparently my grandmother had it before she got married and came to India. It tracks that it was actually 90 or more years old. Dude!]

  That's older than a free India!

From the bits and pieces of stories I've heard, my grandmother loved this scale and would make sure to keep it hidden when people came over so that she wouldn't open up the chance that it would be asked about or get stolen.

It apparently was a throwback to a time when she would stitch or knit beautiful "frocks" and such for family and friends before they were separated or killed during the freedom struggle. And, she continued to make beautiful things with it even 50 years after India's independence.
Truly, the L in L-scale stands for LOVE (in capitals) for all the works of art that it was a part of. And, will continue to be...loved by me.