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This week, we were feeling a little hungry, a little financially, a little fashionably, and a little read-y. Are you a little confused-ly? #OkayStop

Let's start with the usual small talk about the weather and of course Ray's glistening fried foods with Crispy Cauliflower Pakoda Recipe that's just perfect for it. All the Indians in the house say "Hey!"

Rumi takes us into the world of gawking at all things beautiful and trendy in her latest installment of Sartorial Schizophrenia with her "report" on the MTV Video Music Awards 2016. All the mini skirts in the house say "High!"

Don't forget to do a double-take on all the links we are loving lately with Rumi's #LOL series. All the Internet researchers in da house say "Whoa!"

Of course, if we went shopping for any of those VMAs dresses, we'd need some moh-nay and Rumi takes a hilarious trip Down The Rabbit Hole of "Fixed Deposits". All the accountants in the house say "Yay!" #Crickets

We round out the week with Ray's episode 5 of the Dear Diary fiction series with a voicemail inbox transcript. All da peoples in da house say "BEEEP!"

When we are not ogling at gorgeous clothes, we are usually staring at our bookshelves. This week, we read the heck out of a paranormal urban fantasy romance story by Laxmi Hariharan called Taken on the Juggernaut app. When I say "Book", you say "Mark!" "BOOK!""MARK!" "BOOK!""MARK!"

It was a good week.

Ray and Rumi


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