Arpita Khan Sharma's Never Seen Before Decadent Baubles!

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I'm as girly as you can get. I can literally shop till I drop, I can talk to you for hours about the benefits of contouring, I can follow the rays of the sun into a jewelry store and not emerge until the moon beams the path home.

I figured I should share the joy of looking at sparkly shiny things!

I'm kicking off the series with Arpita Khan Sharma because
a. I think she's adorbs
b. have you SEEN her engagement ring?
c. she's a new mommy and it's about time someone pay attention to her again
d. hellooo Salman Khan!

The Younger Years: 

The Solitaires (brace yourself): 

At her baby shower: 

Is that a solitaire or a knuckle-duster?!

Isn't that the prettiest maang tikka? Small and delicate. 


That's right. It's a solitaire.

Small and delicate my ass.

Hell, if I had a ring that size I would change hands to get it in the picture too.

The best is yet to come! 

Mehendi : 


After Wedding Party: 

The Mumbai Reception: 

 The Mandi (where her husband is from)  Reception:

 Her Brother in Law's wedding:

Not satisfied? 

I think this is her Mumbai wedding reception set:

 I don't know if Arpita's mother in law got the same set or just decided to borrow Arpita's:

 Very rarely does she repeat a set #luckygirl :

Immediately sending this post to Habibi.