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The Emmy's aired last night on American soil, which was 4:30 am here for us Indian souls.

But time has never stopped me and it shall never stop me! MUAHAHAHAHA!

I told Habibi we had to wake up at 4 to watch the red carpet. He gave me the side eye but dutifully asked if he should set the alarm.

I told him to set the record button instead. #beautysleep #heehee

Enough about me #yehright, onto the EMMY'S!


It was predominantly about jewel tones, long sleeves, cut outs and ruffles this year.

Le Ruffles Category:

My Favourite :


My Absolute Hands-down Favourite Outfit and Look:


Runner up : 

Long Sleeved Sheath Category:

#yawn. Been there, seen that, done that.
 Padma Lakshmi gets brownie points for the fuchsia pink lip though. I understand the look she was going for but she was fighting an uphill battle with the lacklustre hair and outfit.

The dare to be differents:

I like that these guys didn't follow the flock and did their own thing. Props to their stylists for either suggesting it/going along with it. Although if you add in Maisy Williams, Florals was clearly another trend. 

I only wish Sarah Hyland's pants were cream/blush pink colored instead of black. Picture it. Don't you agree that would have tied the outfit together more? 


Make-up: It was all about extremes with most people doing nudes and a few extremists doing color. 


Kerry Washington: 

Hair: Ummm.. LOVE!
Make-up: Ummm. LOVE! 

Sophie Turner:

Hair: I like how the kept it thick to the end unlike sometimes where braids tend to look like rat's tails.. why do people think that's cute?

Make-up: I love how they made her green eyes pop even more with the rust colored smokey eye. Ferfect!

Mandy Moore:

 Hair: Meh.
Make-up : That coral lip juxtaposed against the mustard of her gown.
                  Hello Sephora, i'll have what she's having.

Olivia Culpo:

Hair: I would totally copy this for a cute date night.
Make-up: I'm not usually one for colored eye-liners, but I love how they hit the perfect balance of a subtle yet effective visual with the purple lower lid eye-liner.

Not too bad a start for award season. Not too bad at all.