Episode 5: The Voicemail | The Dear Diary Series

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[Beep Boop] Shit, not that button. [Beep] Haaaaaaaiiiiiiii!! You've reached the phone of Ja-na-ni. Hahaha! Get it? I was doing the robot! Ha! Right! I'm out now but leave a message for me with my robot who likes to say BEEEEEEEPPPP! Hahahaha! [Beep] Ugh. Really should change that.  [Beep Boop Beep] Your inbox is full. What! You have...8...new messages and...1...saved message.  Gasp [Boop] Message one...received at...8.53pm...August 16 Janani. I am sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I don't know what came over me. I...it's...it was a mistake and I am very very sorry. Sigh Call me back please. [Beep] Message two...received at... 8.56pm...August 16 I really am sorry, Janani. Please forgive me. I can't get over what I have done. Only you can make this ache go away. Please...just...just... talk to me. I'll do anything you want. You know I'll do whatever it takes for us, right? Please understand...I did this for us. You are my sweet nom-nom. Please...just...hear me out, okay? ... ... I'll call you when you get home. [Beep] Message three...received at...9.05pm...August 16 Ja. Na. Ni. Hehehehe... I have always liked that message. You're such a cute nerd. You're my nerd. My nom-nom. My Janani. I know you're at home. You just don't want to take my calls. I get it. I would have done the same, I guess. Babe. Maybe it's this drink talking or maybe because... I just love you so much. I know you can hear me. So pick up the phone,...so I can tell you how much. See? I am a romantic guy [Beep] Message four...received at...9.32pm...August 16 Pick up. Pick up. Pick up the phone, Janani. I know you are there... You are always at home at this time. Come on, babe. Hey you! One more here. [Beep] Message five...received at...10.22pm...August 16 This is ridiculous, Janani. Talk to me. It's not like you're the only one who's ever gone through something like this. ... Okay. Now stop pouting already and pick up the GODDAMN phone. Sorry, sorry. That just came out. I... [Beep] Message six...received at...11.48pm...August 16 Janani. You're gonna find this so funny. There's a chick here who has that exact purse you wanted (hic) that time, remember? Hehehe Okay okay. Not purse. Handbag. Hehe You must have told me at least twenty times what the difference was. I loved seeing your nose disapprove every...single (hic)...time. You were adorkable! I want to kiss that cute nose of yours now. Like I did that night? Come on, baby.
[Beep] Message seven...received at...12.10am...August 17 Janani. This is the last time I am calling you. So what you saw us? BIG DEAL! What do you have that's so special anyway? It's YOUR fault all THIS happened. THIS IS WHO I AM! If you wanted to be together so badly, you should have tried harder. You wanted to be independent, na? Why can't you be like all these independent women here are checking ME out! You're just an emotional BITCH...emotionally...blackmailing me all the time. Well, F- [BEEP] Message eight...received at...12.12am...August 17 WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, BITCH?! YOU MADE EYES AT ME! YOU THINK YOU'RE TOO GOOD FOR ME? YOU THINK I'M SOME PATHETIC LOSER?! Sir, you need to leave. Sir...SIR! WELL WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW? Hey...don't touch me!... SIR! HEY!... ALI! GET HIM! HEY!...Let's go, buddy...GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! TELL THAT BITCH - WHY ARE YOU COMING TO ME?...this way...WHY IS EVERY CHICK AND EMOTIONAL BI- [BEEP] One saved message... No received at... Stop playing [BEEP BOOP] 12.30pm... Shit August 14 Shhh shhh...I am calling Janani. Shhh.. Hello? hello? Janani? Ah it went to voicemail. Ah - babe. I am thinking about you right now. I'll call you later, okay? Shhh shh..stop that Bye. [BOOP] Now, where were we? Right! How about fifty thousand?...