Shortened Link or Short Temper?

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I was going to write about how you can connect your social media accounts with your Blogger account, so you don't have to share the same thing over many, many clicks of socializin'.

BUT...there's been a snag.

One of the intermediate products that gets used for this Blogger-made ripple effect is and that's not working as intended right now.

The short version of the first step in how to connect your social media accounts with Blogger: you will need to set up your Feedburner account that gets pinged when you publish your blog post which then automatically creates a shortened URL in, which then tweets with that link on Twitter.

So, what happened?

Over the years, Google has been gradually revamping their products to a consistent theme. You may have noticed that in the high-traffic products like gmail, Maps, etc.

Last week, it happened to be the turn of the URL shortener service which isn't as widely used as those other ones.  Old look

New look

What's the problem?
Well, when you go to and manually enter a long URL that you want to shorten, it generates a link that looks something like this:

However, when you use other Google products that can use the service to provide shortened links, you get links that look something like this: (for Feedburner) or (for Maps)

Now, sometime last week, when they decided to revamp their product, some engineer somewhere forgot that also supports sub-directories in their shortened URL and so, when they ran their Spam sweep, it now sees all the URLs that have a subdirectory as Spam since it doesn't see beyond the first directory or the first "forward slash" after the domain.

Which means when you click on the link, it shows a spam message like this...for all users! Which also means, you have to file dozens spam review requests and/or just crib about it...which seems to be my specialty.

Ray, out! Peace!

P.S. Just when this scheduled post / rant was about to go out, I decided to take one last look at the service. Turns out that it’s now fixed! Well - pooh!

P.P.S. Update: Though Google fixed the spam issue, you still can't check the analytics on the clicks that you can otherwise do using the .info method.