Married Monday's: Meeting the Man I Ended Up Marrying

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Last I left off, I was ready and waiting for the call to leave for the temple. I was told to be ready by 6 and being as anal as I am when it comes to punctuality, I was ready by 5:30. #punctualityismymiddlename

I know all the girls out there will understand when I say this. Once a girl is ready, that too on time (which is a small miracle in itself) we do not like to be kept waiting.  A couple of minutes is ok, we can deal with it, but once we hit the 5 minute mark we start to get restless, which means we start to question our life choices, which means we suddenly don't like what we are wearing or we notice that we don't have enough make-up on.

You see where this is going right? It's a deep dark black hole that no one never not regrets going down. It's never a good thing. 

Dad finally got the call that they were on the way.

'Wait what? Did you just say they?'

'Yeh. Apparently his cousin is coming with him to the temple.'

'To drop him off?'


OOOOH hell no.

Boy was bringing a chaperone. Fine. I'll bring a chaperone and a bodyguard i.e. my mom and dad.
Take that Habibi.
 I was huffing and puffing in the car all the way to the temple.
What did he think I was? A loose morales ABCD (American Born Confused Desi)?
 More importantly what did he think would happen in a temple that? That I wouldn't be able to control myself and would jump his guns the minute I saw him?

Strike 1

We get to the temple and my parents have a debate about whether we should go pray now or after Habibi and Co get there. I'm still mad at Habibi  (#forreal #notjoking) so I decreed we go now.

It's around 6:30 by the time we are finished and Habibi and Co still haven't arrived. I spend the time chasing the breeze around the temple compound so that my make-up doesn't melt off and I'm not a sweaty mess by the time his highness decides to show up.

Strike 2.

They fiiiiinally call dad, asking where to come.
Ummm. Into the temple would be a good start no. #duh #cantholdbackthesarcasmnow

At this point we were waiting off to the side inside the temple entrance. I'm still shuffling around in the corner trying to get some breeze. #missionimpossible
They had met dad a few times (I refused to meet any boy that my dad didn't vet before hand #sosmartiknow) so recognizing them wouldn't be a problem. Of course mom and I only had the picture to go off of.

I turn around and do a quick make-up check with mom.

This was the moment my whole life would change. Regardless of whether or not it works out. Regardless of whether or not I end up marrying him.
Regardless of anything, this is a big moment in an Indian girls' life.

We wait. Then wait some more.
How long does it take to park a damn car?
I feel like I am going to faint at this point.

Cue drum rolls, shortening breath, racing heartbeats, sweaty palms, rising anticipation, butterflies in the tummy and an overall feeling of nausea.

In the end, this is what happened.
Check this.
Habibi walks right past me.


By the time I realize what is happening he has already smouldered by. I catch a glimpse of shoulder and hair and then he was out of sight.

WHAAAAT?! Where is the damn boy going?! Like seriously. WHERE is he going?!

 I look to dad who explains that they are going to pray first and then they'll circle around and meet us.

Side note:
 In his defense - I was facing the wall trying to get a little breeze on my face and cool down so he couldn't really say hi even if he had wanted to.
 In my defense - I was totally banking on this move to charm his socks off.

In his defense - the plan was apparently to have darshan first and then meet me. ( I didn't know that)
In my defense - I don't need a defense - I'm always right.

Ok fine whatever. They could have at least stopped to say hello.

[Apparently they did but I was too busy 'showing him my butt. ' My dad's words exactly.
 I countered with a little of ' you try and wear a saree in this heat with make up and jewelry and no AC and then wait in the hot weather for an hour because the guy your dad picked to be your potential husband doesn't have the courtesy to come at the right time.' That did the trick. Take note young unmarried daddy's girls.]

Regardless of what happened,  I ended up having to wait some more while they went to pray. #humph

Yes, I was trying to sneak peeks, after all the boy is 6'2 so he wasn't hard to spot but I just couldn't get a good angle. Mom on the other hand was trying to look for his feet.

Boy was this boy making me work for it.
Tune in next week to see what he does when we finally come face to face.


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