Married Mondays

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Habibi read my last Married Mondays and immediately issued strict instructions to cease and desist.

My answer:

*cue evil laughter 

I did promise however to not completely embarrass him. 
I said I would try.  So here it is: 

Once upon a time, a young (not so young), sane (not so sane), wise (not so wise), gorgeous (very gorgeous) girl was on vacation with her mom when she picked up a call from her dad that would change her world. 

He told me to check my email and call him back immediately. 

I panicked and called my mom over, who came walking over like this: 

Which is fine, that's her expression for everything from a good discount to teasing my dad.

But then my aunt joined in.

I knew something was up so I bit the bullet and checked my mail to find Habibi's biodata ( #lmao I laughed until I realized I must have one circulating as well #karma) and his picture.

My groupies had very loud opinionated comments to his picture. 

Whereas I: 

with a little    


Mom called dad and told him I blushed - which in traditional Indian girl speak is ' proceed to the next stage' - 

in my defense it's a little hard not to blush at the very least with people (mom!)doing this to you 

Plus he was totally my type


Long story short, dad arranged for us to meet when I got back from vacation which I spent getting harassed by family. 

We (me) decided to meet at a temple before going out to dinner. 

I woke up that day really nervous. Ray and I had decided to keep to our usual weekend schedule, Zumba and breakfast thinking the exercise would help with my nervous energy and the breakfast because - well #duh. 

We used breakfast that day as a pow-wow session, figuring out my hair and make-up, what I should wear (saree for temple then change for dinner), what I should ask, what I should watch for... I drove Ray up the wall that day. #chuddiebuddie #BFFFFF

By the time 6 pm rolled around, I was a bundle of nerves. I ended up poking myself in the eye with my mascara wand causing my eye to tear up, then I started crying because my eye was tearing up and it was ruining my eye make up which obviously made both eyes tear up, ruining both eyes. 

My mom walked in on me like that. 

Making her pause mid-stride before turning on her heel and running for my dad. 

Who approached me like I was a ticking time bomb...

He always knows what to say though and before I knew it, things were back on track. 

I put on some Flo Rida 


and finished getting ready. 

Bring it Habibi. 


*Check in next week to see how we meet!

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