New Directions? | Week That Was (WTW)

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It's been two dozen weeks since we first welcomed you into our warm yet bickering, hashtag-friendly but opinionated, advice-y, and always sassy arms.

This week, like always, we were all that and more.

Ray jumped on the nerd train again this week with the first two parts of how to set up social media for your blog in CutieCoding. Part one was about setting up your blog feed and the second one was about using Twitter cards and optimizing it for multiple authors. Riiiiight.

Rumi couldn't resist sharing all her favorite links that she's been loving lately in her #LOL series. There are too many Ls in that title, no? What's left?

If you thought you knew how arranged love stories worked in India, Rumi finally shares how she met her doting Habibi in this absolutely hilarious GIF-heavy Married Mondays. Let's just park and read that, shall we?

Wait, who's that? Rumi's Stalker Status is back and this time she's stalking Diane Keaton?! Whoa! U-eeee!

Bookending our week is Ray's book review of Shweta Taneja's 'How to Steal a Ghost @ Manipal', a fictional story about paranormal investigators in India. Ghosts?...let's just carefully switch to the reverse gear then.

It was a good week. Aigu to you too!

Ray and Rumi



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