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Here at Aigu, we like to have a say in everything. And we mean, EVERYTHING!

This week was no different.

Rumi started out our week by welcoming the elephant god, Ganesha, into the house of Aigu and of course, we went snooping into the lives of a few Bollywood stars to see how they celebrated their Ganesh Chaturthi. We pined for the glamour and opined about how they keep it going year after year.

Tuesday rolled around with Ray rolling stuff into balls again (hee hee) and this time, managed to change the point-of-view of a traditional Indian dessert to a western dish with the softest Rasmalai recipe ever.

Since we already are, we relate very well with Shonda Rhimes' show Drop Dead Diva which Rumi highly recommends in our first #IMHO TV show review.

Ray becomes opinionated while questioning how a 50-year old cigarette box survived several generations of mishandling in this Throwback Thursday.

Since we love food so much, Rumi enthusiastically shares her review of Netflix's Chef''s Table in our second TV show #IMHO review...in the same week!

Continuing the judge-y tone, Ray goes on a rant (complete with air quotes) about one of Google's products in our CutieCoding series only to find out that it had been "fixed" by the time the post went out. Or, has it?

It was a good week.

Ray and Rumi


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