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I’m not an actor and I have never acted in anything, professionally at least.  I know my 8th grade role of Tom Sawyer’s teacher does not count, even if I could belt my solo song to the back of the auditorium without a microphone. Nor does my 5th grade role of a tree in the play Birbal Tales make me any sort of expert on acting (yes I really was a tree. I wore brown pants and a green top and my teacher made me wear a garland of leaves. Regrettably, my part was emoting only, the tree had no lines, only emotions). 


 In my humble opinion, I’ve always maintained that comedy is a much harder genre to conquer than drama or romance. Yes, you need good material to start with but without a comic sense of timing or delivery, even the best of jokes can fall flat. With drama or romance or even thrillers, you have a lot of support to help you along, be it supporting actors, plot, physical scenes, music, etc,etc.  Not that comedies don’t need support, but all the support in the world can’t save a bad delivery of a joke.

That’s why I’ve always stood by my opinion that Diane Keaton is one of the best actors of that generation. I say actor on purpose, not limiting her by her gender. Yes, of late she has started to play variations of the same character over and over again, the over wrought slightly hare brained slightly eccentric older woman but what does it matter when she’s so irresistible?

My first encounter with Ms. Keaton was in Father of the Bride, playing the perfect foil to Steve Martin’s character. I saw her again in the sequel of Father of the Bride, The First Wive’s Club, Baby Boom, and my absolute favorite – Because I Said So.

Then I saw Annie Hall, the movie she won a Best Actress Oscar for and I realized how brilliant of an actress she really is. She has a wide range of acting abilities, she just somehow either chose or got pigeon holed in a particular niche/genre. 

Her acting skills aren't the only reasons I love her though. Apart from being an actor with real acting chops, she also happens to have one the best personalities….ever.

Read this article

Then watch this video and I dare you to disagree with me.

See. Told ya.

Plus she has an awesome sense of style - both in what she wears and how she lives.

Read about her style staples here

I could live in here all day err day!


Check out more stunning pictures here 


Diane oh Diane, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways.

1. She's a legit actor - I would like to call forward as evidence an award called the Oscar.

2. She has an amazing personality - you watched the video didn't you? I REST MY CASE. Need just one more? Here.

3. 'I knew as early as age 15 that I live in black and white.' Love. Her.

4. She loves interior design - 2 books and counting!

5. She loves Justin Beiber - a fellow #belieber!

6. She introduced me to Frank Ocean - thank you!

7. Girl can put away the vino - she drinks it on ice and she made sure we can too!

8. She's obsessed with clown paintings -- errrrmmm.

9.She has really cool style ( I already mentioned this, but just look at her dude, she's awesome)

10. See for yourself :

*mic drop

~ Rumi