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The Ad-alat: Review Court is in Session

We are back!

If you have followed our ad reviews in the Ad-alat, you would know that we love it when brands maximize their celebrity talents' potential. And keeping that in mind, we've noticed how Ranveer Singh has been hot (in more ways than one) on his streak of being advertising gold.

We look at the ads featuring Ranveer in the past six months and put them through the test of 'alat' or 'palat'.

How much do we appreciate Ranveer's value as advertising gold?

Alat: Set Wet Styling
Sada Sexy Raho Dear We love it when a celebrity is put to the test but here, Ranveer seems to be in his element with a mix of suave and quirky, and mostly goofy. Set Wet doesn't try to change that about him and instead puts Ranveer in a bathroom staring at his reflection to justify all his flamboyant antics as he apparently fantasizes all the ways he could impress women with his personality while wearing Set Wet's deodorant. With a tag line that speaks of and to the product's target demographic and a catchy theme song to boot, this campaign's a winner. Good job, Set Wet! That's what we call making the most of your celebrity talents (double entendre detected).

Alat: Head and Shoulders India
Dandruff Nahi Chalega We've heard that there's a dance move that Ranveer is popular for. We have also heard that it involves rapidly running your fingers through your hair. We also know that Head and Shoulders is a hair product and therefore, two plus two equals five and so, a modified version of the dance move must be included? The overused dance move aside, what this ad proves without a doubt is that Ranveer is a master at impressions. He expertly mimics the typical labels one might find in a college; the nerd, the bike-loving jock, the lovestruck minstrel, and the popular dude. All with a background song of Dandruff Nahi Chalega. Thumbs up!
Palat: Head and Shoulders India
#DandruffNahiChalega Sangeet Dance It's rare that we diss on a creative within an ad campaign that we liked but given our harsh rating system of 'alat' or 'palat', we have to say that this made us 'palat' away. Granted that the theme is still Ranveer teaching some dance steps to a bunch of people getting ready for a wedding Sangeet dance. But, with an indecisive noob sidekick who Ranveer readily coaches but with the condition of "dandruff not allowed", the plot and the setting is mediocre at best. A rare misstep in Ranveer's streak of being advertising gold but his charm shall carry this creative too, or so we decree.
Alat: Ching's Secret
Ranveer Ching We have long been fans of Ching's Secret's refreshing tangent from advertising for noodles, which is typically promoted in a family mealtime theme. Playing on Ranveer's full name, adding a full-on Bollywood-style item song and dance routine, South Indian movie-style fighting scenes, and almost patenting the entire ad with Hindi puns in contrast to the very oriental product name has become the winning formula for Ching's Secret. And this time, they decided to lean heavily on it with what can only be called the most expensive Indian ad in history. But you know what they say? The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Not this time though. Ranveer gets to be a Robin Hood style savior in a backdrop of the ruined world from Inception, set in a Mad Max-esque world of grungy people who are also hungry (oh no, the bad wordplay seems to be contagious). The only non-dirty person there is the supposed leader of the townsfolk, played by Tamannah, and Ranveer's love interest (because what is Bollywood without some romance). And there's a kid who is being chased as he tries to bring a sack of rice to the townsfolk who just stand and watch as he gets attacked by a gang of more grungy people. Umm...come to think of it, they really fluffed over the storyline! Whether intentional or not, we liked it because the focus always remained on the product as our exuberant Ranveer delivered silly Hindi puns of the flavors that Ching's Secret has to offer and some excellent comedy. Yes, you are Ranveer Ching-a!
Palat: Kellogg's Oats
Garma Garam Kellogg's Oats In this ad creative, we really enjoyed the cutaway scenes to the TV news shows as they sensationalize every tweet of Ranveer's. We especially liked the deadpan voice of the 'national' channel news anchor. We are not sure if we should point out that this ad comes in hot on the heels of competitive brands in the snacks category who feature creative ways of reaching out to their target audience. We remember the Kellogg's Oats' debut TVC because of Ranveer, but not so much because of Kellogg's new product line. Though Ranveer plays himself in this campaign and doesn't fail on his part to deliver an enthusiastic promotion of the product, the storytelling is forced and not relatable. Though the comedic focus appears to be on the celebrity, it is easy to forget the product advertised even a few minutes after watching the ad while Ranveer continues to stay garma garam.
Alat: MakeMyTrip India
#BefikarBookKar If you were about to ask, "Ayyo! What happened to those ads that Ranveer Singh did with Alia Bhatt for MakeMyTrip?" Here they are! It's hard to find anything wrong with this ad campaign. Focus on the product all through? Check. Celebrities do what they are actually good at? Check. Situation is relatable to the target audience? Check. Funny? Check. Memorable? Abso-badwords-lutely!
Alat: Vivo India
Vivo Smartphones We've covered this before but it doesn't hurt to watch again. Because, why not?

Conclusion: We love how Ranveer Singh moulds himself to the characters bestowed on him by the ad directors that be. And so, we love experiencing all the shades of Ranveer Singh! <3 Watch all the videos once again here:
This court session is adjourned.

~Ray, out! Peace!

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