Throwback Thursday: Box of Smoky Memories

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The last time I'd pondered about things left behind from generations long gone, it made me think about what history it had seen.

This time, I look at something that my grandfather handled everyday and had a constant supply of. But only one of them has made it. A cigarette box. And, it makes me wonder about what it hasn't seen.

According to sources, namely family and friends, this box is at least 50 years old.

This tiny tin box, tucked away between leaky art supplies and bags of plaster of Paris, never really got an enthusiastic storytelling session. Being one of many and a reminder of life-altering bad habits, it only served the utilitarian purpose of being a child's knick-knack box.

But, it survived.

It survived being stashed with items that could easily crush it or scratch it. It lived through the very active moldy environment of every storage facility. And importantly, it survived to remind us that my grandfather was holding one of its cigarettes when he passed on.

Ray out, Peace!

P.S. Since it's difficult to read what's on the box, here's what it says on the top cover of the box:

Black & White Cigarettes. Made in London, England by Marcovitch - Piccadilly, W

I love what's written on the inside of the cigarette box lid. The message, the font, everything!
Over 100 years ago, Mr Marcovitch commenced to make cigarettes in London.    He made them for the manly dandies of his day and fittingly he made them good.    To-day we still make only good cigarettes: the name of Marcovitch on a cigarette means quality in it.