TV Show Review : Drop Dead Diva

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Rating :   Seasons 1 and 2 : 3/5
                Seasons 3 and 4 : 2.5/5
                Seasons 5 and 6 : 4/5

A girlfriend recommended this series to me, telling me it was right up my alley but that I should ‘give it a few episodes to get into’. As wary as that made me, I would trust this girl with my life , plus if I can give the book Shantaram a few hundred pages to get into, I can certainly give this TV series a few episodes.

I’m glad I did.

At first I was skeptical and I found myself questioning and judging and scoffing at everything.

-       Escalators in heaven? Girl please, everyone knows transport in heaven is all about the wings.
-       The recently departed walk around in white plush terry robes? Psh. It’s all about the Grecian style white chiffon dresses – duh.
-       They use Macs in heaven? What about the good old ink and parchment?

But then I realized I have to stop. Stop being anal and analyzing everything and just watch it.
Once I did that, I enjoyed it. It’s fun and interesting, different from the regular intense drama filled shows that Ms.Shonda Rhimes has gotten us addicted to.

The actors are of caliber, the casting director did a wonderful job in fitting the various characters with actors with personalities to match. The actor didn’t overshadow the character they were playing, nor did the character overshadow them. Everyone was perfect, even the Marilyn Monroe affecting best friend. I understand the need to overplay the ditzy blonde but after awhile I found it irking.  I particularly enjoyed the casting of Jane/Deb’s love interest, anyone else think he’s Dermot Mulroney’s doppelgänger?  

Here's Mr. Mulroney: 

In case you didn't get a clear enough look #psyourwelcome:

And here is Mr. Hurst: 

Double take right?! 

The character development across the seasons for the main character Jane/Deb is distinct and noticeable. It’s pretty cool to see the two warring personalities of the first few seasons slowly merge into one being towards the end. I think it helped that the actress playing Jane/Deb overplayed each of the two personalities distinguishing quirks in the beginning, so that as the seasons wore on, she was able to downplay more and more, leading to a ‘merger’ of both personalities. Regardless of how she did it, she made it seem deceptively simple. A top notch job! ( lol I’m running out of adjectives ya’ll)

The other characters are given personalities and sub-plots of their own, but apart from the best friend Stacy, the others didn’t develop 100% for me. The frenemy at work, the sarcastic assistant, the never ending stream of guardian angels, I understand the need to not overshadow the star but with 6 seasons, a little more development of the subplots would have brought more layers and depth to the show. #IMHO

Each episode is a story unto its own, so if you miss a previous episode or two you won’t be completely lost and you can pick right up where you left off. You might have missed a few developments in the sub plots but nothing too major.  Episodes tend run into each other towards the end of second season and I started to get a little bored but I think that’s because I was binge watching. I like how Jane never loses a case, and how she can bring even a convicted death row felon back from the brink. I love how she solves murder mysteries and cases that have been cold for years with a simple snap of her fingers, finding clues and evidence that detectives, CSI, FBI, Homeland Security have missed. Give her a few years and she’ll find the answer to world peace.

I love that the writers decided to go down that route with her professional life in the show. I’m so tired of people dying in the TV shows I watch, or breaking up, or being depressed. If I want to cry I’ll turn the news on thank you very much.  The show manages to strike the right balance of being glossy and superficial yet sometimes deeply thought -provoking, substantial yet light hearted. You don’t find yourself involved 100% but you have a vested interest in what is happening.
It’s a TV show, and while you are watching you are aware of that; you aren’t sucked into that world nor does it jump out of the screen and enter yours, it does its job well, that of entertainment.

Watch it. Watch it for the acting. The interesting cases. The optimistic portrayal of lawyers and justice. The cute eye candy. The fun guest appearances ( Kim Kardashian!). The sometimes floss sometimes serious dialogues.

There is one line that made me stop and think so I leave it to you with a question.

If someone else was given the chance at living your life, would they live it better?

What if they lived your life better than you?