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The Ad-alat: Review Court is in Session

It's the holiday quarter! That time of the year when people are planning a year in advance for their vacations and celebrations. Here at The Ad-alat, we thought, 'Hey! Why not find out the Indian tourism scene?'.

And, so we scoured the tubes and nets and our television sets to find the latest advertising campaigns released by the many state tourism ministries of India; 29 states and 7 union territories.

We searched far and wide to find commercials that promote the love of traveling and exploring new places, especially India. Here are the ads we have found that have been released this year.

Wanderlust in Incredible India

ALAT: Madhya Pradesh Tourism
MP Mein Dil Hue Bacche Sa As an ad creative, this ad is very creative! In a typical tourism ad, you would use selling points that have to do with the location, history, culture, geography, topography, and the like. In this ad however, they seem to lean very heavily on their tagline in a way that could be considered dismissive of their target audience. To keep to their caption of "MP mein dil hue bacche sa" which translates to "MP's heart is child-like" or "In MP, you will become a child", beautiful and colorful toys of tigers, antelopes, monkeys, snakes; tiny human tourists wearing camerasy around their necks head-bobbing in tandem, vibrant saree-clad toys dancing in a whirl, kitchen pans fashioned to look like lakes with a tiny motorboat inside; all come to life with a background soundtrack of an adorable child singing a Hindi rhyme in an artistic depiction what they love most about Madhya Pradesh. Though visually this ad catches your eye and keeps you engaged till the end, we do wonder if it was meant as an ode to MP or aimed to attract tourists or their children who would care about playing with the toys. Whether it misses the international appeal or not, this MP Tourism's ad promotes a patriotic love and is very memorable. And, isn't that the ultimate goal for all branding ads?
Ujjain: The Land of Simhastha - Sraavan Maas Unsurprisingly, MP tourism's latest ad about Sraavan Maas is an absolute winner! A compilation of beautiful shots of the Simhastha Kumbh festival playing to an energetic background track of "Yeh Kumbh hain" can awaken wanderlust in any soul just to be a part of a spectacle that can only be witnessed in Madhya Pradesh. That is what we call a "Unique Selling Point" and this ad will sell you on its uniqueness.
ALAT: Rajasthan Tourism
Musicsthan We've been following Rajasthan Tourism's reputation for making ads that fully capture the charm of this very colorful state and its people. This is no different. This time, we follow a guitar-carrying tourist who travels to some remote parts of Rajasthan to record the musical delights and traditional folk songs while going through the loud and whimsical chaos that can only be found in India. A very engaging storytelling that needs no voiceover, just great music! Rajasthan Tourism keeps their branding strong once again keeping to their tagline of "Jaane kya dikh jaaye".
ALAT: Gujarat Tourism
Gujarat Lions Welcome you to Gujarat This ad creative may be contextually relevant to cricket lovers and specifically to the IPL tournament, but Gujarat Tourism's move to rope in these celebrity sportsmen to enthusiastically wear Gujarati accoutrements and talk about famous places in the state is not only smart branding but also setting a precendence for other states. Kudos to Gujarat Tourism for striking while the iron was hot.
"I love Gujarat" We were on the fence with this one. Why? It has beautiful, cinematic shots of Gujarat showing iconic places, archetypal personas ranging from spiritual to industrial, "hashtag"-style captions, and a narrator trying to lure you in with a scratchy but dulcet tone akin to an ASMR video. Despite this ad checking the usual, it seems to be missing an X-factor, something that makes it stand out and memorable. But, given that there is a severe dirth of tourism ads in India and even fewer contenders that want to attract international tourists, Gujarat Tourism's "I love Gujarat" campaign satisfies the bill. And so, we approve.
Palat: West Bengal Tourism
Experience Bengal This may be a really long one but we are used to that when it comes to tourism ads since they are usually cut down to fit whatever format or messaging that is agreeable at the time. It is unfortunate that this ad seems more like a boring classroom video than an attempt to promote a place with selling points where we are spoiled for choice. There are several shots of musical influences in the area but the background score is missing that distinctive folksy element to support the beautiful videography. We also weren't happy to find videography mixed in with still images to somehow fill in the compilation. Sorry, WB. This sadly didn't work for us.
ALAT: West Bengal Tourism
The Sweetest Part of India This is not a TV commercial. Repeat. This is not a TV commercial. BUT, as a tourism ad that is primarily focused on the audio format, we are impressed with the simplicity of the messaging and the clever way West Bengal Tourism has used kids describing their trips to places in WB. The adorable lisp-y narration, complete with references to how children correct themselves when they get a name wrong, goes really well with their tagline of being "the sweetest part of India". We only wish the radio ads were accompanying video creatives in the same campaign. Good job!
Palat: Chhattisgarh Tourism
Chattisgarh We enjoyed the narrated script in this ad by Chhattisgarh Tourism. If only the compilation of video footage wasn't so amateurish and listless, this could have been an ad that put Chattisgarh on the map of Indian tourism. It's even missing a branding logo, a tagline, and other indicators that claim that Chhattisgarh welcomes tourists to bookend the ad. A bit more work would have made this worth all the effort.

Watch all the shortlisted ads, including those that didn't make it to the review court:

This court session is adjourned.

~Ray, out! Peace!

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