Married Mondays and Cooking Without Habibi

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Alright, time’s up kids. Those of you who follow along on Instagram will probably have already guessed the answer since I gave you guys hints *wink wink* but for those of you who don’t follow us on Instagram,  Rumi (I, in a third person perspective mood today) have been giving you guys clues as to where in the world I (Rumi) am/is!
{side note – its time you guys hopped on the Aigu insta wagon/train/plane/automobile}

*Drum roll please*
 #heehee #anticlimaticiknow #sofunny

Anyway. For the foreseeable future, I’m here. And Habibi is there. #boohoo #crymeariver #feelingthesehashtags
 While we are apart, I’ve decided to work on my culinary expertise and shock him into amazement when he gets here and I cook him a wondrous meal of wondrous mind blowing dishes while he looks at me mind blown and in wonder.

I’ve also decided to get wondrously gorgeous and healthy. To that effect, I will start drinking beauty drinks and potions and eating wholesome nutritious gleaming with health foods. The result being a luminescence that makes my skin glow like a pearl from within, thick dark hair bouncing with health and vitality, ready for its very own hair ad, sparkling white teeth that will shine light and glory whenever and where ever needed, crystal clear eyes now as clear and laser sharp as a bubbling stream in the Himalayas.

Habibi will walk out of arrivals and pause mid stride when he catches sight of me waving a placard with his name over my head and wonder who this sparkling radiating glowing bouncing angel is.
That’s the goal people. 
That’s the goal.

Since this is not a single pronged attack, but rather a multi pronged - multi directional plan of action, we shall be including fitness into the program as well. So that I might have rosy rosy cheeks and no dimpled behind(get it?Cellulite) when he comes. Which means working out. #grumblegrumble

There was a time when I loved working out. I was super fit #lie, decently fit #yeh, had a decent amount of stamina and energy #true, and didn’t cringe to get dressed every morning because nothing fits #sotrue.

All jokes aside, truth of the matter is that although looking good for Habibi is definitely an added bonus, I’m doing this for me. I’ve let myself slip since we got married and I’m facing the consequences now. Since I now have the time and motivation to get back on track, I decided to do just that. Get back on track. If any of you out there need a little bit of a push, or motivation, or just a partner who is dying alongside you, you’ve come to the right place.

I plan to work on my body, my mind and my soul. You are more than welcome to join in on any or all of those rides. Trust me, it’s always easier when someone is doing it with you.

For my Body
I've decided to stick to the following rules: 
1. Take it easy on myself - slip ups and no shows are not the end of the world. 
If I fall, I will get right back up. 
2. Making 2 changes starting this week - A. Drink more water : 1 Liter a day 
                                                                  B. No eating after 8pm.  
3. Get in at least 5,000 steps or 20 minutes of exercise a day. I'm planning on walking 2 miles a day. 
That's it. I'm going to try to stick to these changes until they become a habit and then make a few more changes. 
Slow and Steady wins the race. 
For my Soul:
I've changed my morning alarm tone to mantras. It's much less jarring than the damn beeping and I'm starting to feel a boost of energy while I lay in bed and listen to the mantras while I plan out my day. 

For my Mind
I've always had the habit of reading newspapers everyday but after I got married I didn't have the access to an actual newspaper and I was reluctant to add one more thing onto the list of things I read online. But as they say ' If you can't beat em, join em.' So I'm joining them. Starting today I'm going to start reading all my newspapers in 21st century style. 

I'm excited to get started, not nervous or apprehensive since i've decided to take the pressure off myself and take it slow. At the end of the day, all I want is to be happy.